Zoos in The Netherlands

The Netherlands is home to some top class and fabulous zoos, ideal for whether you are an avid animal lover, looking for somewhere to take the kids, or fancy a fun and interesting day out with a break from traditional sightseeing. Most have a good selection of places to eat and drink, pretty areas for relaxing, and also provide good information about the animals in their care. And, of course, you can see a huge number of different animals from all four corners of the globe!

Some of the great zoos in The Netherlands include:

Artis Royal Zoo

Founded in the 1830s, this is the country’s oldest zoo. As well as a large array of different animals in beautiful natural surroundings you can also visit a gigantic planetarium and enjoy the lovely landscaped gardens. The animals are very well looked after, and you can observe around 750 different species. The zoo is home to animals such as elephants, chimps, giraffes, sharks, and zebras. There are also many different types of birds. Easy to get to, the zoo is situated in the heart of the capital city of Amsterdam.

Royal Burger’s Zoo

Located in the Dutch city of Arnhem, Burger’s Zoo is one of the biggest zoos in The Netherlands. It was founded at the start of the twentieth century, and has been attracting many visitors ever since. The concept of the zoo takes a different approach to many others, in that there are several different ecological areas where different types of animals live together as they would in the wild. The animals are not in separate enclosures; it is as though they live in a miniature version of their natural environment. The different eco-zones are Desert, Safari, Bush, Mangrove, Ocean, and Rimba. The zoo prides itself on education, research projects, and conservation work.

Rotterdam Zoo

Rotterdam Zoo is one of the most popular zoos in the country, and it is a favourite day out for nearby residents as well as tourists. Old and young alike love this well kept zoo. It is divided into different areas to represent the different habitats and landscapes that can be found across the planet, and the animals live in environments that are very similar to their natural habitats. It is really interesting to see the different areas – stroll through the exotic Asian zone, wander through the African savanna, see creatures from the ocean deep … and more! A major feature of the zoo is the massive underwater tunnel that lies at the bottom of the ocean – visitors can observe a wide array of different sea creatures with ease. Stretching for 22 metres, it is really impressive. Kids can have fun at the splendid play area.

Gaia Zoo

Gaia Zoo is located in the South Limburg part of the country and it is home to numerous animals from all over the world. The zoo has won several awards for its excellence, and it is a great place for a terrific day out. The zoo is divided into different areas – Europe, Amazonia, Namibia, Congo, and Tundra. There are regular bird displays throughout the day, and also a petting zoo with smaller domesticated animals.

These four excellent zoos in The Netherlands are well worth a visit when you travel through this interesting and diverse country.

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