A Weekend in Florence

Italy’s Florence has loads of artistic gems and architectural jewels, not to mention some excellent shopping opportunities and delicious food. Located in a valley in Tuscany, it is surrounded by beautiful landscapes – you will certainly find plenty of things to keep you busy on a weekend in Florence! It was also once at the heart of the majestic Renaissance movement. Enjoy the peaceful atmosphere and the rustic feel as you explore this charming and delightful part of the country.

Some great things to do on a weekend in Florence include:

Visit Il Duomo

Also known as Santa Maria del Fiore Church, Il Duomo’s dome can be seen from far and wide around the city. It stands out above the rest of the buildings and is a very impressive sight. Outside it looks like something straight from the pages of a fairytale, with whimsical marble features. Inside there are lots of stunning pictures and mosaics. Check out the heavy-set doors to the Baptistery – they are gorgeous replicas of the famous “Gates to Paradise”. You can climb up into the dome or the soaring bell tower for great views down over the city.

Shop in the Markets

Florence is home to several excellent markets, each offering a wonderful selection of goods. Pick up some gifts and souvenirs and simply enjoy browsing the wide range of products and people watching. It is also possible to bag yourself a bargain, especially on leather ware. Two of the most well-known markets are the Mercato Nuovo Market, which is underneath an old roof, and the bustling San Lorenzo Market. Stroll through the jewellery part of the city too and make like a magpie as you feast your eyes on all the sparkling gems and gleaming gold.

Eat Gelato

Florence was the birthplace of delicious and refreshing gelato, so you really should try some when in town. There are lots of cafes, restaurants and specialist gelaterias where you can sample a wide assortment of tempting flavours. It is an especially nice treat in the summertime.

Walk Around

Often said to be amongst the most attractive and enchanting cities around the world, a wander around the streets of Florence will reveal many treasures at every turn. It is fairly compact and flat too, so getting around by foot is a piece of cake! Make sure your camera batteries are charged though as you’ll likely want to take stacks of pictures! You can cross over to the other side of the river and up to Piazzale Michelangelo for some excellent vistas. If you’re feeling energetic, continue on up to the charming San Miniato al Monte Church.

Step into the Museums

If you want to learn more about the city or see some spectacular works of art, make sure you don’t miss the different museums. The Uffizi is particularly recommended and within its fantastic collections you can admire two of Botticelli’s masterpieces – La Primavera and The Birth of Venus. The Galleria dell’ Accademia is another top museum in Florence – here you can see the world-famous David by Michelangelo.

There are loads of churches around Florence that are well worth a visit, as well as statues and sculptures, enticing passageways and narrow streets, bridges, and fountains. Whatever you decide to do, enjoy every second of your fantastic weekend in Florence!

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