Unique Souvenirs to Take Home from Malaysia

Malaysian Market

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If you are travelling in Malaysia and want to buy souvenirs for yourself or gifts to take home to family and friends, you’ll be delighted to find that the country offers a great selection of unique and authentic products that are easy to transport. Banish the usual t-shirts, mugs, key rings, and fridge magnets and buy items that will be truly treasured. Here are some ideas of ideal gifts and souvenirs to remind you of your excellent time in Malaysia, Truly Asia:

Batik Textiles


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Malaysian batiks are of high quality, are easily packed in your baggage, and can also be useful to the recipient. Combine beauty and practicality with this top gift!

Batik refers to a process whereby wax is used to create patterns on cloth, with the fabric then dyed with different colours to produce gorgeous flowery designs. There is a variety of batik items to choose from, including sarongs, shirts, and dresses. Not only that, but purses and household items, such as cushion covers, place mats, throws, and tablecloths are also available.

Woven Pandanus

Skilled locals weave baskets, bags, hats, and other cool and useful items using the strong leaves of the tropical Pandanus. Similar to palm leaves, the tightly-woven leaves create durable and attractive items that can come in very handy around the home.

Boh Tea

Tea Plantations, Malaysia

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The country’s most famous tea is grown in the Cameron Highlands, and is similar in colour and taste to some popular Indian varieties of tea. Besides the standard black tea, the company also produces some unique flavoured teas such as mango, passion fruit, lime and ginger, and lemon mandarin. Take home a little taste of the country, literally, with a fancy box of Boh Tea!

Pewter from Royal Selangor

Royal Selangor is a Malaysian pewter manufacturer and retailer. It is the largest of its type in the whole world. Pewter is a form of metal alloy that consists of around 85 to 99 percent tin, along with small amounts of copper, lead, and other constituents. Many pewter items showcase stunning and detailed designs and symbols, drawing people’s attention and making for gorgeous items to display in the home.

You needn’t worry about having to haul home something large and bulky, as smaller products are also available, that will take up little space in your luggage. Pewter is a popular souvenir with many visitors, people keen to own a little piece of excellent craftsmanship to proudly display in their home.



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Songket weaving is a traditional craft that is used to produce intricate fabrics. The delicate and attractive fabric is still popular today for weddings and other special /official ceremonies and events. Previously seen as a luxury that could only be enjoyed by royalty, today everyone can enjoy the beautiful appearance and gorgeous feel of songket.

Songket is a stunning fabric that is laced with opulent and shining golden or silver threadwork. It may be used in clothing, accessories, things for the home, and decorative items. If songket appeals to you, check out the vendors in the eastern Malaysian coastal states of Kelantan and Terengganu for the best deals, highest quality, and widest varieties.

Wood Carvings

Woodworking is a proud tradition in many parts of Malaysia, with skilled techniques passed down from generation to generation. Although many market stalls today offer mass-produced items and reproductions, it is still possible to find some older collectibles. Depending on what you want, both types of wooden carvings can make excellent gifts and souvenirs when travelling around Malaysia. You’re sure to notice a great many cravings of the famous attractions in Kuala Lumpur in particular.

Other great items to take home from Malaysia include tasty spices that are used in cooking Malaysian cuisine, allowing you to reproduce the delicious flavours when back at home, and pictures of some of the area’s most stunning landscapes.

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