Highlights of Travelling Through Patagonia!

Highlights of Travelling Through Patagonia

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The wild and dramatic Patagonia is a sparsely populated region at the southern end of South America and falls within both Argentina and Chile. A HUGE area, choosing just a few highlights of Patagonia is a tough task – there really are so many wondrous sights and incredible activities!

With stunning scenery, a unique atmosphere, and terrific natural attractions aplenty, whether you explore the area by water or by land, you are sure to have a memorable time.

Here are a few Patagonian highlights to add to your bucket list:

Whale Watching in Puerto Madryn

Patagonia offers some of the world’s top whale watching opportunities, with Puerto Madryn being one of the absolute best. The relatively warm and sheltered waters are prime breeding zones. Camp amongst the majestic sand dunes by night and hop into a kayak to explore when daytime arrives. Enjoy close encounters with whales in the natural environment. The waters are also home to many sea lions too.

Explore Glaciar Upsala

Glaciar Upsala

The biggest glacier in all of South America, Glaciar Upsala is an impressive 55 km long and 10 km wide. Only accessible by boat, just reaching the magnificent glacier is an adventure in itself! An icy wonderland, kayaking is possible in the area.

Discover the Patagonian Steppe

Bounded on the west by the cold forested slopes of the soaring Andes and with the Atlantic Ocean to the east, the Patagonian Steppe (also known as the Patagonian Desert)is a rugged and wild area. Few people live here, with those that do largely existing by raising livestock, such as sheep and goats. Hardy and resilient are good words to use for locals! The towns of Esquel and Trevelin are where the first Welsh settlers ended up in 1865, and many of the inhabitants today are descended from these early groups.

Enjoy Amazing Diving and Snorkelling

With interesting shipwrecks and an abundance of fascinating sea life nearby, Madryn and the Valdes Peninsula are well-known as the diving capitals of Argentina. Strap on a scuba tank and take a thrilling journey through the water to discover shipwrecks and observe a plethora of marine life. If you prefer to stay closer to the surface, you can also see plenty of colourful and interesting marine life by snorkelling.

Go Ice Hiking on Perito Moreno Glacier

One of the most popular attractions in Argentinian Patagonia, the spectacular Perito Moreno Glacier can be found within Los Glaciares National Park. Located in the south west of Santa Cruz Province, you can see the unusual sight of a growing glacier. Watch as huge ice blocks fall away, crashing far below, and take a boat trip around the mammoth glacier. Ice hiking over the slick surface offers an unforgettable experience.

Chillax on the Beach – With Penguins!

Gentoo Penguins

Cape Dos Bahias boasts a beautiful landscape of multi-coloured rocks, offering a striking visual contrast with the deep blue of the ocean. As well as enjoying the vistas, the area is also home to some interesting wildlife. Particularly well-known for its large colony of Magellanic penguins, you may also spot creatures such as wild foxes and guanacos.

With so many excellent adventures just waiting, these fabulous highlights of Patagonia are just to get you started!


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