Travelling in Mexico with Children

Mexico can be a great family friendly destination for a holiday. It has beautiful beaches, interesting historical sites, and numerous attractions and activities to suit all interests. It has something for everyone, young and old alike. Travelling with children in Mexico is very different to travelling on your own or with a group of friends. There are various other considerations and things to think about.

In general, Mexico is a very child tolerant and friendly nation. You will often find that people will smile and play with your children in many places that you visit around the country.

Here are some top tips for when travelling in Mexico with children:

Make Sure That You Have Proof of Relationship

Mexico used to have quite strict rules and rigid requirements for people who were travelling with children that were not their own. Whilst it is now not necessary to have written and certified permission from a child’s parent or legal guardian (when they are not travelling with the child), it is wise to have a signed explanation of why you have a child that is not yours. It is also prudent to have a copy of a birth certificate / marriage certificate / adoption certificate / Parental Order etc if there is likely to be a question of whether the child is yours, for example different last names.

Pack a Few Small Toys and Games

Children get bored very easily, so it pays to have a couple of their favourite toys, games, or books with you to ease the tedium on long journeys or in the evenings. You will be able to pick up buckets, spades, inflatable toys, and other similar things, however, at seaside resorts.

Check Equipment at Accommodation Before Booking

Some hotels in Mexico have equipment for children to borrow, others do not. If you will need things like a cot, highchair, bottle warmer, etc, check that they will be available before you finalise any accommodation choices. Be aware that some places may make a charge for borrowing certain things. It is also useful if your accommodation has activities and events for kids, such as a children’s club. Not only can your children have fun with people of their own age and meet new friends, but it can also give you a break and a chance to relax whilst on holiday.

Stay Healthy

As well as making sure that all vaccinations are up to date and that you have good travel insurance, take a small first aid kit on holiday with you in case of minor accidents, injuries, and illnesses. Plasters, antiseptic, painkillers, and anti sickness tablets should be included, along with any regular medication. Baby wipes and hand sanitiser are also invaluable. Avoid food and drink that are likely to make your child ill, and be careful in the strong sunshine, even when just walking around. Keep children covered as much as possible, stick a hat on their heads, and reapply sun screen often. Make sure that you always have a bottle of water with you at all times and that your kids drink frequently to prevent dehydration.

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