Top Places to Visit in China

The huge country of China has a plethora of different things to do and see. It has varied landscapes, different cultural subsets, ancient history, modern delights, and an abundance of attractions all over the country. With so many top places to visit in China it can be tricky to know where to begin! You can mix nature, beaches, mountains, rivers, places of historical interest, major cities, and more!

For an overview of the country, and a fabulous experience travelling to different corners of the country, try these top places to visit in China:

The Great Wall of China

No visit to China is complete without paying a visit to this formidable wall. Stretching for many, many miles across the country, it really is a sight to behold. Built to prevent Mongol invasions, the wall, for the most part, still stands strongly and proudly today. There are many parts of the country where you can access the Great Wall. An easy way to see it is on a trip from Beijing.

The Forbidden City

In Beijing, a must see attraction is the ancient and enticing Forbidden City. In days gone by, one must have been invited by the Emperor to gain access to the city, hence the name. Filled with architectural gems, grand buildings, quaint pagodas, lovely gardens, and numerous intricate details, the Forbidden City is deservedly one of the top places to visit in China.

Three Gorges and Yangtze Dam

Combine a mammoth feat of engineering and spectacular nature on a Yangtze River cruise. Visit the dam project then sail through the magnificent Three Gorges. You will also see a variety of wildlife and local river life. You will also take in the strange and mystifying hanging coffins!

The Bund

An iconic part of an iconic city, The Bund in Shanghai is one of the city’s most famous areas. Skyscrapers and bright, neon lights vie for attention in the pulsating, lively, and uber-modern city. The full splendour of The Bund is best viewed from the water – several operators run river cruises at various times of the day.

The Terracotta Army

This fabulous discovery put the rural X’ian firmly on the Chinese map. Hundreds of life size stone soldiers stand in formation, ready to protect and serve their leader in the afterlife. There are also stone horses to complete the army. Soldiers have a variety of facial features, and clothing / weapons are different. A museum allows you to learn how and why the army was built, as well as the amazing events surrounding the discovery of the previous secret stone strong force.

Hainan Island

Escape the cities and spend some time shilling out of Hainan Island’s beautiful beaches. With plenty of facilities, amenities, and local attractions for visitors, Hainan Island is a great retreat when travelling around China.

Giant Panda Breeding and Research Centre

China is famous for its cute looking pandas. The black and white animals are invariably associated with China. Visit Chengdu, where you can learn all about the animals, see some up close, and also help conservation and research projects.


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