Things to do in York

England’s York is an incredible place to spend a weekend … or longer! Steeped in Roman heritage and a wealth of interesting attractions, everyone is sure to find heaps of fun things to do in York. There are plenty of places to eat, drink, and sleep, and transportation in the city is good.

Formerly known as Eboracum in the Roman times, did you know that a gate in York is referred to as a bar?

Some of the best things to do in York include:

Visit York Minster

The magnificent York Minster is a definite York highlight. One of the grandest medieval buildings in the whole of Europe, it sits on the site of an old Roman basilica. The Gothic building that you can visit today was constructed over a total period of 250 years! It is as impressive inside as it is from the outside, and you can see the sweeping nave, beautiful stained glass windows, and the various religious icons that are housed within the cathedral.

Walk Along The Shambles

Thought to be the oldest street in York, The Shambles is a wonderfully quaint street with the lowered track in the street that was used for meat juices to drain away from all the butchers’ shops. The buildings are mostly from the medieval period, and many still have the grisly looking butchers’ hooks hanging outside. You won’t find much meat today, and you certainly won’t be slopping around in entrails and carcass remains, as the buildings now house cute jewellery shops, souvenir shops, cafes, restaurants, and similar. The nearby Shrine of Margaret Clitherow honors a Catholic lady who was sentenced to death for her beliefs.

Step Back in Time at the Jorvik Viking Centre

Built on the site of the ancient Viking City of Jorvik, you can wander through reconstructed streets and alleyways just as they would have been in the times of the mighty Vikings. See workshops and dwellings, and feel shivers down your spine as you encounter fearsome Viking warriors! A truly unique attraction, there are also various displays and exhibitions, allowing you to learn about this piece of York’s history.

Wander the Walls

The heart of York is surrounded by some really well preserved remains of the protective and defensive Roman walls. Forming a rough square, they can be accessed from one of the several gateways into the core of the old city. From the top of the walls the views of the city are really pretty, and you can retrace the footsteps of Roman legions from the days of old.

See the Exhibits in York Art Gallery

With a vast selection of paintings, drawings, sketches, pottery, and other decorative pieces, York Art Gallery is great for art aficionados. It houses a variety of styles and periods, and is well worth a few hours of your time when in York.

Sample Delicious Sweet Treats at the Cocoa House

York is often referred to as the chocolate city, so where better to enjoy an attractions where you can learn all about chocolate, taste delectable samples, and even try your hand at making some yourself! The Cocoa House is great for people of all ages.

Other things to do in York include visiting one of the quaint churches, stopping by any of the interesting museums, dining in a cute and traditional café, and shopping for a variety of goodies. If you have more time in the city, you could also consider taking a trip out to the beautifully scenic and wild Yorkshire Moors.

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