Things to do in Suphanburi – Thailand!

Kaseaw Fisherman Pier

Suphanburi Province is situated in Central Thailand. Whilst there are many things to do in Suphanburi, it is sadly often overlooked by travellers.

It is a great place to see a piece of interesting and traditional Thailand that has not been taken over by the tourist masses. There is a diverse ethnic makeup to the province. Only an hour or so away from Bangkok by road, Suphanburi is easy to get to.

These are some of the best things to do in Suphanburi:

Visit Some Fascinating Temples

Reclining Buddha

Wat Phra Rup Temple contains a stunning reclining Buddha statue, said to have the most beautiful face in the whole of Thailand. It is a picture of pure serenity. It is also home to the only wooden carved Buddha’s footprint in all the country. It is truly unique. In Wat No Phutthangkun you can admire some outstanding murals. Wat Pratu San is also a lovely temple in Suphanburi.

Shop at an Old Market

Sam Chuk 100 Year Old Market is alongside the banks of the Ta Chin River. The charming wooden buildings house a variety of stalls, with a vast selection of different products.

Make sure you try some of the delicious sweet treats on offer. It is a great place to pick up a few souvenirs.

Learn About Thai Agriculture at a Buffalo Farm

You can see these important animals up close and learn about the vital role they have played throughout Thailand’s agricultural history. They are also still used by some farmers today. Watch a buffalo show – they are unique and, most people would say, somewhat ridiculous! They are very entertaining though. You can also see farming tools.

Soak up Some Culture at the Western National Theatre

At this theatre you can learn about music from the area, as well as local dancing and watch a selection of cultural performances.

See Animals and Aquatic Life at Bueng Chawak

Orang Utan

Bueng Chawak is a large freshwater swampy lake. It is home to a wide selection of flora and fauna. Next to the lake there is a zoo, with a decent selection of animals including tigers, mere cats, snakes, birds, horses, and giraffes, an aquarium with numerous different colourful fish and other water creatures, and a botanical garden.

Chill Out at Bueng Raha

This is another lovely and peaceful lakeside spot, and there are many great places to eat and drink along the edges of the lake.

Enjoy a National Park

Take off..

You can enjoy some of Thailand’s fantastic natural areas at one of Suphanburi’s delightful national parks. Having your own transport is highly recommended.

Other things to do in Suphanburi include seeing the pretty flowers at an orchid nursery, getting out and about on a selection of different walking trails, visiting cascading waterfalls, and paying a visit to fish farms.

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