Things to do in Seville

Spain’s fourth biggest city and the capital of Anadalucia, Seville is a vibrant cultural hotspot in the south of the country. With heaps of great things to do in Seville, it is little surprise that it is a very popular destination for tourists. There are many places to eat, sleep, and drink, and the city is known for its active nightlife. Connected by road, rail, and air, and with an excellent local public transportation system, getting around is a breeze. Scooters are widely available to rent, giving you greater freedom to explore, and for a different view of the city you can take a relaxing cruise along the river.

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Some top things to do in Seville include:

The Real Alcazar

A historic and visually appealing palace, it is built in the Moorish style and home to many beautiful rooms that are filled with gorgeous furnishings and ornamentation. Pop into the room where Christopher Columbus planned his expeditions to the Americas and stroll through the beautiful gardens with their glistening ponds. Plan to spend a good few hours exploring the many delights of the Real Alcazar.

Seville Cathedral

A huge and striking religious building, there are many ornate features to admire. The architecture is a fabulous blend of Islamic and Christian, with the church located inside a former mosque. You can visit the spot where Christopher Columbus’s remains were laid to rest, see lots of spiritual art and statues, admire, the sweeping nave, and soak up the sense of tranquility.

Lebrija Palace

A beautiful old palace, cast your eyes to the ground and you will see one of the most stunning displays of Roman mosaics. There are many other fine old exhibits and the top floor is well-preserved, showing what it was like in the days when it was the home of a grand Countess. There is lots of artwork to feast your eyes on.

Jewish Quarter

A charming part of the city, a stroll around is likely to be far from quiet! A popular place for visitors, wander through the narrow and twisting alleyways and admire all the cute buildings.

Museums and Art Galleries

Seville boasts a large number of different museums and art galleries, catering to a wide variety of tastes and interests. Visit one of the country’s most important art museums and see a dazzling array of exhibits and displays at the Museo de Bellas Artes. Another museum that is great for the senses is the Museo del Baile Flamenco. Music, videos, singing, dancing, and photography all combine for a great experience. Take a step back in time at the Archeology Museum and be in awe at the Science Museum. Learn more about the Jewish population’s culture and traditions at the Centro de Interpretacion Juderia de Sevilla, enjoy the pleasant aquarium, and more!

Other great things to do in Seville include interesting towers, such as the Torre de Oro and La Giralda, the peaceful Maria Luisa Park, and the pretty palaces of Casa de Pilatos and the Palacio de Arzobispal.

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