Things to do in Monaco

Lying on the gorgeous Mediterranean Sea and sharing a border with France, the tiny country of Monaco boasts some great things to do and see. Its small size also makes it really easy to get around; there are only four main areas in the whole country! You can explore many of the main places by foot, and there are also good public transport systems in place. Because of the steep hills in places there are several escalators and lifts to help you!

Some of the best things to do in Monaco include:

Hit the Casinos

Monaco, and specifically Monte Carlo, is well known for its lavish and glamorous casinos. Strict dress codes are the norm, but you will get to rub shoulders with the rich and famous and experience a completely different world. It is possible to pay to just go inside the casinos and have a look around without actually gambling and risking blowing your travel budget in a matter of hours (or minutes!) Marvel at the bold opulence and grand elegance, with beautiful paintings, attractive sculptures, and striking stained glass all around.

Sail on a Yacht

If you are feeling flush there are a number of operators who can arrange yacht trips. You can charter your own small vessel or join a group trip. Exploring the waters and coastline by yacht is a fun and classy way to really embrace the Monaco life!

Visit the Prince’s Palace

The Prince’s Palace is, as you would expect, a marvellous and grand building, beautiful both inside and out. Just before noon you can watch the changing of the guard ceremony in front of the palace, and there are hourly guided tours of the inside areas. The grounds are lovely, and you can enjoy excellent views over dazzling Monte Carlo and the picturesque port.

Wander the Streets of Monaco-Ville

Monaco-Ville is a quaint medieval area where you can really see what life must have been like many years ago. It is the oldest part of the country. Stroll along the pedestrianised streets admiring the views and soaking up the ambience. You will see lots of old buildings, including the beautiful cathedral. Built in the 1800s, there has been a church on the same spot since the 13th century. The Romanesque-Bzyantine building is very pretty. Monaco-Ville is also home to a large number of excellent restaurants, cafes and shops, and other attractions include the City Hall, gardens, and museums.

Enjoy the Exotic Gardens

Whilst there are many delightful gardens around Monaco, the Exotic Gardens are highly popular with visitors. There are many different plants on display from all around the world and you can step into the fascinating cave on a guided tour. You can also enjoy great views of The Rock.

Admire the Opera House

Oozing elegance, flamboyance, and luxury, the Monaco Opera House is a veritable vision of beauty. Reds and golds are the main striking colours, and there are many beautiful paintings, frescoes, and sculptures to feast your eyes upon. If you want to do more than just look around, you could consider buying tickets for one of the top class performances.

There are many things to do in Monaco, and you can also rest assured that it is one of the safest places on earth!


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