Things to do in Frankfurt!

Photo by: Aaron Groote

Photo by: Aaron Groote

Frankfurt is a major German city, attracting visitors throughout the year. There are many places to stay, a lively, fun, and varied nightlife, numerous places to eat, offering a terrific variety of international and local cuisines. There are also many fabulous things to do in Frankfurt. There are attractions to suit all tastes and interests. Frankfurt really does have everything for a perfect city getaway.

When planning things to do in Frankfurt, consider some of these great places and activities:

Wander Frankfurt’s Museums

Frankfurt has a plethora of museums. Many are concentrated in one area, known as Museumsufer. There are museums that are dedicated to history, nature, film, music, art, architecture, money, local famous people, the postal service and telecommunications, Jewish people, and much more.

Gaze at the Famous Frankfurt Skyline

The iconic and well known Frankfurt skyline can be enjoyed from Main Tower. A viewing deck provides sweeping and breath-taking views of the city. The high rise buildings can also be admired from one of the Main River bridges.

See Local Historical Sites

Amongst Frankfurt’s best historic sites is the heart of the old city, Romerberg. Here you can see a large number of grand old buildings. There are the Roman remains of the old city, as well as the beautiful and elegant St Paul’s Church, the remains of an old castle, a spectacular Gothic tower, and Dom Cathedral, which was built in the Gothic Style. The old opera building is very elegant and worth a visit, as is Borse.

Gaze at Germany’s Tallest Building


The looming Commerzbank Tower is Germany’s largest building. It is also the highest office block across all of Europe.

Tour Frankfurt’s Churches


As well as St Paul’s Church, Frankfurt is home to a healthy helping of lovely and impressive churches. These include the Baroque design St Catherine’s Church with its high tower, Liebfrauenkirche, which dates back to the 14th century, and the Gothic style St Leonhard’s Church.

See Animals at Frankfurt Zoo

A great family friendly activity, Frankfurt Zoo has a wide range of different animals.

Wander Through the Red Light District

Frankfurt red light district

Frankfurt’s Red Light District is home to numerous bars, porn cinemas, and brothels. It is sure to make your jaw drop!

Try Local Specialities


When in Frankfurt, you must sample some of the local Apfelwein, a type of cider / wine made from apples. Pretzels are a stereotypical snack not to be missed.

This is just a relatively small selection of the many things to do in Frankfurt. Whether in town on business or for pleasure, you will be sure to find many things to keep you entertained and ensure you have an excellent stay in this brilliant German city.

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