Things to do in Bucharest


Romania’s capital city of Bucharest combines fascinating history and a modern lively metropolitan feeling. Seeing fabulous architecture ranks highly amongst the things to do in Bucharest, although there are plenty of things to keep visitors busy.

Local legend says that the city was founded by a shepherd, whose flute playing and wine making were second to none.

When visiting Romania, make sure you check out some of these top things to do in Bucharest:

The Arc of Triumph

Similar to the famous Parisian monument, Bucharest’s Arc of Triumph is a highly decorated and grand granite arch that commemorates Romanian soldiers who bravely fought in the First World War. Visitors can climb up inside to enjoy amazing views across the city.

Cantacuzino Palace


Built on the orders of a former Romanian Prime Minister, the Cantacuzino Palace screams opulence and importance. It is an elegant and classy building, incorporating neoclassical and art nouveau designs. Stone lions guard the doorway, and there are curved windows and wrought-iron balconies. Inside, one will find a museum.

Revolution Square

Stand in the place where the people took power and said a resounding “no” to Communism. The Communist Party had its headquarters on the square, and it was a major location during the dramatic revolution.

The Royal Palace

This decadent palace served as the principal home of the Romanian Royal Family until the absolution of the monarchy in the 1940s. The beautiful neoclassical style building houses an art museum today.

The Romanian Athenaeum

Photo by: Andrew White

Photo by: Andrew White

Resembling an ancient temple, the Athenaeum was a grand project, and one that was financed almost entirely from donations. The high dome dominated the skyline in the local area. Inside the main entrance, visitors can gaze at the intricate and stunning painted ceiling.

Pink marble columns, white balconies, gleaming brass lanterns, and a sweeping spiral staircase add to the beauty. The impressive concert hall is filled with spectacular frescoes. It is the most famous concert hall in the country.

Kretzulescu Church


This pretty Orthodox church may be small, but it is nevertheless a very charming religious building. The interior frescoes date back to the late 1800s.

Calea Victoriei

Beauty is care. Nivea.

This is the oldest street in Bucharest, and also one of the most interesting and beautiful. It is lined with nice buildings, and its status as a fashionable hotspot from days of old is clear to see.

Parliament Palace

This enormous building is the second biggest administrative building in the whole world, second only to the Pentagon. Built by the former Communist leader, Ceausescu, it features numerous dazzling crystal chandeliers, gold leaf, a huge nuclear bunker, oak panelling, shining marble, a sweeping lobby, stained glass windows, plush carpets, and over 1,000 rooms. Guided tours are possible.

These are just a small selection of the many great things to do in Bucharest. Museums, churches, art galleries, shops, bars, restaurants, parks, old buildings, and more add to the city’s many treasures.

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