Things to do in Bordeaux

France’s beautiful Bordeaux is a terrific place for a varied and fun-filled vacation. With heaps of things to appeal to all tastes, it really is an excellent place to visit. Easy to get around, laid-back, and incredibly pretty, check out these fab things to do in Bordeaux and tick them off your travel wish-list!


There are several great museums in the city, with enough choices to pique many interests. One of the best is the great Musee D’Aquitaine, which is home to a large number of historical finds. There are numerous statues and sculptures, some of which date back to at least 25,000 years ago – that’s pretty old! It’s a top place to get a feel for the local history and admire pieces from times gone by. Another popular museum is the Contemporary Art Museum. To keep things fresh, the displays are always changing and being updated, so you can be sure of plenty of great things to oh and ah over.

Wine Tasting

Whether you enjoy a tipple or two in one of the many fine bars and restaurants or head out to the stunning vineyards and wineries, you’ll certainly be quaffing back lots of the stuff in Bordeaux! Known for being one of the best wine producing areas across the entire globe there are lots of delicious choices! Lots of wineries are housed within grand old chateaux and you can really get a taste for the good life! Sit back, relax, and let the pleasant sensations wash all over you. You can learn even more about the history of Bordeaux’s wine at the Musee du Vin et du Negoce – they even have tasting sessions!


There are plenty of great places to shop in Bordeaux, but if you fancy giving your credit cards a proper workout head to the Pedestrian Centre. Here you will find many different shops selling a wide range of different products. There are also several cultural places of interest, cafes, and restaurants if you need a break from all the bargains!


Bordeaux has a really youthful and fun atmosphere as the lights go out and the sun goes down. One of the main areas of nightlife is Les Quais, where you can dance the night away in one of the many clubs and enjoy a few drinks whilst socializing and having bags of fun. If you’re feeling all romantic you can take a stroll across one the bridges to soak up the lovely views, and earlier on in the day there are boat trips along the river where you can see a different side of the city.

La Victoire is another lively place at night. By day there are many historical treasures, such as the Victory Arch, to explore, and come night time the student crown really knows how to get the party pumping.

Parks and Gardens

There are many lovely and peaceful parks and gardens where you can enjoy a wander in the sunshine. Why not pack a picnic and make an afternoon of it?

This is just a small selection of the many great things to do in Bordeaux; you can find the rest for yourself!

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