Terrific Cameras for Travellers

Whether you’re travelling as part of a group, with your significant other, or as a solo traveller, returning home with awesome pictures is often a major consideration for explorers. Having a good camera on your travels helps to create great pictures, and solo travellers will be especially pleased – there is, after all, nobody with you to enjoy the diverse and fascinating sights and you can relive your adventures through your photographs and memories and share your escapades when you return home.

Travelling exposes you to different people and their different ways of life, as well as a plethora of new and enticing landscapes and buildings. Capture unforgettable and breath-taking moments and relive your adventures in the future through your photography. Photos often have the ability to transport you to that very moment in your life.

Here are some great cameras for travellers:

Fujifilm X-T1

This camera blends the best of more old school cameras and modern day cameras. Whilst the body may be fairly old-fashioned in appearance the functions are incredibly up-to-date and modern. It has a very high resolution viewfinder along with a 16mp sensor. Your travel experience will definitely be enhanced by taking this along with you!

Canon Power Shot G7X

This is a great choice for travelling as it is fairly compact and relatively light when compared with other cameras. It has an amazing 1-inch sensor that delivers sharp DSLR quality images and you can also perform a multitude of digital functions with great ease. In addition, this camera is especially good for low light photography because of its f/1.8 aperture lens. The camera requires a carry bag. The equipment is not so big and bulky, and you’ll get terrific image quality.

Nikon P610

The speciality of this camera is its excellent zoom capability. It has a long range zoom (35mm equivalent: 24-1440m) in a compact lens. The controls are versatile, making this camera suitable for both the professional photographer as well as beginners who simply want to point, zoom, and click. Additional features include built-in Wi-Fi and compatibility with tablets and smart phones. It’s a very clever piece of kit!

Nikon D5300

Although the Nikon D5300 is not as capable as its more expensive cousin – the D7100 – it does share some of the same technical gadgetry that brings out the kind of image quality that sets it apart from other cameras within the same price bracket. If you are someone who aspires to top notch image quality and also wants a very light and compact camera, this one is for you. It is quite handy when travelling and you can snap loads of awesome pictures without worrying about wear and tear – it is built to last.

Nikon 1 AW1 with 11-27.5 mm lens

A good choice for thrill-seekers, this camera is built for extreme and adventure photography. It also holds the distinction of being the world’s first mirrorless interchangeable-lens compact camera. It is quite compact and can fit into a small bag or a large pocket. Easy to carry, take it along on your daring adventures and preserve your thrilling escapades.

Capture your memories visually with these great cameras for travellers.

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