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Saudique Mosque

Things to do in Nouakchott

Nouakchott is the capital of Africa’s Mauritania. An under-visited destination, it boasts lovely beaches, cute seaside hotels, great fishing opportunities, splendid views, and a relaxed vibe. Despite being a capital city, it is not as hectic as you may expect. Indeed, it is really quite laid-back and unhurried, with friendly locals always ready to flash […]

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5 Cool Things to do in Fez

Fez (sometimes spelt as Fes) is a former capital of Morocco, a medieval gem that was founded way back in 789. Fez has one of the best-preserved old cities in the whole of the Arabic world, and many people come purely to enjoy the atmospheric and at times chaotic medina. You will notice a difference […]

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6 Reasons to Visit Gabon

Located in the western part of Central Africa, Gabon is a beautiful country. It boasts gorgeous beaches and pristine rainforests, and is emerging as a unique eco-tourist destination. With around 10 percent of the country covered in lush wildlife-rich national parks, Gabon is a perfect retreat for lovers of nature and the great outdoors. But, […]

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Sunset in Cameroon

Travel Guide: Cameroon

How much do you know about the West African country of Cameroon? If you’d like to know more, this handy overview and Cameroon travel guide should answer most of your questions! Where Is Cameroon? Africa’s Cameroon lies almost halfway down the African continent, to the west, and has some coastline alongside a sea called the […]

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