Seven Notable Ways Air Travel Has Changed in the 21st Century

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There was a time in history when air travel was a luxury and a social event that most people looked forward to. You had to dress up for the occasion. It is surprising how things have changed over the years, especially the last ten years, thanks to technology and increased focus on customer satisfaction. Below are some seven notable ways air travel has changed over the years.

Decongesting the Cockpit

In the olden days, the flight crew would invite interested passengers to see the cockpit. Curious children and frightened flyers were frequent visitors to the cockpit. All these changed after 911. The cockpit doors in today’s aeroplanes are reinforced and almost impassable.

Increased Destinations

For years, air travel was limited to specific major destinations of the world such as capital cities. If you wanted a trip to your preferred holiday destination, you had to go to the nearest city and then use other modes of transport. Today there are direct trips to most tourist destinations and even hotels.

Again, the number of air travels have increased tremendously. There are over 100,000 air travels per day all over the world. It not only increases the number of places you can go but also provides varieties in terms of time of travel and route.

Simplified Booking

Before the internet and digital communication, a traveller had to go to the airport on the day of travelling to book a plane. Even when aeroplanes introduced advanced booking, you had to go to the airport in person. Today, you can book a plane to anywhere from wherever you are through your smartphone or computer. Additionally, you can compare prices from different airlines and hotels at the same time.

Cheap Air Travel

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Flying was initially a luxury method of travel for the rich. A place where tickets cost £60 today was about £1000 in those days. Flying has become more of a society commodity, making it affordable. Some airlines even offer travelling discounts for special bookings on specific days of the week or holiday. Such luxury travel offers were rarely present in the past.

Increased Safety

Air travel used to experience at least four fatal air crashes per year. Besides, there were no seat belts, windows, and floating seats. Even worse, the planes could not fly above 10,000 feet, hence experienced a lot of turbulence. Today, 35,000 feet seems to be the standard flight height, which offers a smooth luxury travel.

Long Haul Flights

About a decade ago, the longest trips were from Singapore to Newark and then Los Angeles. They were discontinued because of increased fuel prices. However, the long haul air travels are back as direct trips between major cities. All you need something to keep you occupied during the trip.

Onboard Wi-Fi Connectivity

In the past, the best you could get in an aeroplane was a magazine with later additions of TVs, and music systems. Today, internet connectivity is a standard feature in most planes. It comes in handy when you wish to do some work during the flight or catch the latest episode on your favourite TV show or sports game.

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