The Romantics’ Guide to Venice

Italy’s Venice is known for being a haven for lovers. Amongst the world’s most romantic places, Venice is the perfect place to visit with that special someone, strolling along the waterside arm in arm, enjoying romantic candle-lit dinners for two, and cuddling up in a famous gondola ride.

Here are some tips to make your beautiful trip to Venice completely perfect:

Visit the Opera

Opera is not everyone’s cup of tea, but when in Venice it is one of the most romantic things a couple can do – listen to the haunting melodies and watch as the tales unfold on the stage. La Fenice is the most well-known Venetian opera house, but you could also try Musica a Palazzo, which is equally as moving.

Wander the Alleys

There are numerous maze-like alleyways, lined with charming architecture, to wander along and lose yourselves for a short time. You will see many delightful sights in addition to the big name attractions. Full of atmosphere, take some time to simply stroll around, and perhaps pop into one of the small bars for a chilled out drink.

Cuddle up in a Gondola

Drift along Venice’s many canals and waterways in a traditional gondola for two. Sail past stunning architectural gems and enjoy life on the water.

Visit Casanova’s Haunts

One of the most famous lovers of all time, visitors can drink in the same places that Casanova met his lovers, such as Do Spade Bar, and see Doge’s Palace where he was imprisoned.

Admire Art

Venice is brimming with spectacular art, and you can admire the many visual delights in a number of places. The Gothic Church of the Frari is home to some spectacular religious paintings and Doges Palace contains numerous treasures. The Peggy Guggenheim Museum is a great choice for anyone interested in modern art. There are several galleries spread around the area, and even the wonderful architecture is art in itself.

Ride a Boat to the Islands

There are several pretty islands lined with pastel coloured homes, places where you can escape the masses and enjoy a slower pace of life. The views from the boat are amazing. Venice also has a small beach, which is perfect for relaxing with a loved one on a warm, sunny, summer’s day.

Cross Venice’s Bridges

The Venetian waterways are cross-crossed by a plethora of bridges, many of which offer terrific views of the area. One of the most famous is the Rialto Bridge, a definite must when visiting the city of love.

See Venice from Above

Looking down on the network of waterways that snake across Venice, along with the many delicious buildings, is sure to melt even the hardest heart. There are several places where you can enjoy a bird’s eye view of the area. Ride to the bell tower at St Mark’s Campanile for amazing sweeping views.

Enjoy your holiday with this essential romantics’ guide to Venice, and get set to impress the special person in your life.

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