Romantic Kiev

The capital city of Ukraine has many romantic hot spots, perfect for couples looking to enjoy some tender, quality time together. Kiev has an abundance of high class restaurants, where you can enjoy a delicious romantic meal. There are numerous bars, ranging from the small, chic, and intimate, to the loud and lively. You can easily find the perfect spot to eat and drink in romantic Kiev. For something a bit different though, check out one of these places in romantic Kiev:

Lover’s Bridge

What better place could there be to enjoy a romantic moment in Kiev than on the beautifully named Lover’s Bridge? Local legend says that if partners kiss on the bridge they will be together and in love for all time. Needless to say, the bridge is always filled with couples smooching! The railings are adorned with romantic keepsakes and mementos left behind by starry-eyed couples. These include hearts, ribbons, locks, stuffed toys, photographs, flowers, and more. You could take your own special trinket to hang together at Lover’s Bridge.

Take a Romantic Wander in Delightful Kiev

Stroll along hand in hand, or arm in arm, through some really pretty areas. The surrounding beautiful sights are guaranteed to enhance romantic feelings of love and happiness. The old cobble stone streets of Andrew’s Descent are a perfect place to enjoy the views together. There are many small artsy cafes and coffee shops too, where you can relax together. Another option is the fantastic Sculptures Alley. It is crammed with gorgeous paintings.

Drift along the River

A wonderfully romantic thing to do in Kiev is to take a cruise along the Dnieper River. You can admire the city skyline as well as the picturesque river scenery. The trips usually last for about an hour, and many of the boats have a bar from which you can buy a drink to enjoy as you gently cruise along the river and take in the magical sights.

Try a Traditional Banya

A banya is type of steam bath, popular across Ukraine and found in abundance in Kiev. Most operate twenty four hours of the day. As well as the authentic, communal banyas, you can also find those that offer private rooms for you and your partner. Literally get steamy, and then cool off in cold water.

Enjoy the Best of Kiev’s Pretty Nature>/h2>

There are many nice parks scattered across the city. You can enjoy a pleasant, romantic walk together amongst the green leaves and pretty flowers. Listen to the sound of birds, and dreamily amble around with your loved one. Alternatively, you could pack a picnic and dine al fresco. A favourite romantic park in Kiev is Mariyinsky Park. As well as the stunning Palace, there are many secluded walkways and paths, allowing you some relative privacy and peace.

There are many ways to enjoy romantic Kiev with that special person; the city is just begging to be discovered and explored!

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