Places to eat in Pattaya!

Thailand’s self-proclaimed City of Sin is perhaps most well known for its hedonistic partying and pleasures of the flesh than other activities and attractions. There are decent beaches to enjoy, as well as fun cabaret shows, a delightful zoo, a large and looming hill top Buddha image, and the fascinating Sanctuary of Truth. Pattaya attracts many visitors throughout the year, and its attempts to attracts present a cleaner image in order to attract more families is starting to pay off. With so many visitors, it is only natural that there are plenty of places to eat in Pattaya.

The area offers a rich and diverse selection of foods from all over the world, so you will certainly find something that appeals to your taste buds. Whether you are after typical Thai fare, seafood, international cuisine, or fast food, Pattaya offers the full range. Places are available that cater to all budgets, from street food carts and markets up to gourmet restaurants that are worthy of international culinary acclaim.

Some great places to eat in Pattaya include:

Night Market

Pattaya’s night market is home to a dazzling array of stalls all serving up fresh and tasty dishes for very low prices. You can get complete meals and snacks, and some places operate on a take away only basis whilst others have seating for diners. Try a variety of Thai dishes and maybe even pick up some fruit or other goodies for snacks for the following day.

Floating Market

As well as being a novel place to visit, bursting with stalls selling souvenirs, clothes, and accessories, the floating market in Pattaya also has a wide variety of places to eat. Prices may be a bit higher, as many outlets are aimed more towards the tourist masses, but the taste is generally good.

Jomtien Beach

Not quite as manic as the partying heart of Pattaya itself, Jomtien Beach still has a lively atmosphere and the streets are lined with an abundance of places to eat. You will find food from all four corners of the globe, and prices are generally competitive. There are roadside sellers, cafes, and top notch restaurants all vying for your business. Most places also have menus in a selection of different languages. Some places stay open until fairly late, meaning that there is no need to ever feel hungry in Pattaya.

Ban Amphur

Ban Amphur is a delightful fishing village, popular with locals and Thai holiday-makers. It is an ideal place to dine on fresh and tasty fish and seafood. Many of the restaurants offer nice views too, meaning that you can relax whilst you enjoy a tasty meal.

Central Pattaya

With eating such a prominent part of the daily life of Thais, Central Pattaya really does not disappoint when it comes to eating. Turn any corner and you will have more than one option for somewhere to eat. You will find food from all over the world, so whether you are hankering for Thai, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Chinese, American, French, Spanish, Mexican, Italian, Russian, Swedish, Norwegian, Hungarian, Middle Eastern, or more, you will find something to keep your stomach happy.

With many places to eat in Pattaya, you know that will never be a shortage of great food here!

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