Overview of Montevideo

Montevideo is the charming and lively capital of South America’s Uruguay. Located next to the Plato River, it is South America’s most southern capital city.

It is an interesting city that can be accessed by air and road. In the city, getting around is easy. Walking is possible in many parts of the city and buses are regular and efficient. There are numerous taxis, although many people find renting a car is actually cheaper. Most parts of the city are pretty safe for visitors.

There is a good selection of places to stay around the city, with accommodation to suit most budgets and expectations.

If you are planning to visit Montevideo, don’t miss this useful overview:


The main and official language in Uruguay is Spanish. Knowing a bit of the language will certainly help although English may be spoken at many popular tourist destinations.


Many nationalities do not need a visa to visit Uruguay. Citizens from countries such as the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, South Africa, Malaysia, Iceland, Japan, and Canada, as well as many other European and American countries can enter Uruguay visa-free and receive a stamp for 90 days. Make sure that you check up to date visa requirements before finalizing your trip.

Food and Drink

You certainly won’t go hungry in Montevideo. Dining is usually very affordable and there are plenty of local dishes to tempt your taste buds. The country is well known for its meat, and there are many different grills where you can eat a tasty selection of steaks and other beef dishes. Pasta and pizza are very common and the local sandwiches are cheap and filling. Cheese is widely available. Desserts are sweet, moreish, and huge! The hot and herby drink of mate is one of the city’s favourite drinks and you can also quench your thirst with a zesty fruit juice or try one of the local beers or a cocktail.

Things to See and Do

Take a stroll through the quaint Old Town to take a step back in time and see the Montevideo of the past, catch another glimpse of times gone by at the Fortaleza General Artigas, wander through Independence Square, and gaze up at the looming Palacio Salvo. There are several great museums and art galleries to keep you busy, and one of the city’s most unusual, but heartwarming, sights is the Sexual Diversity Monument. Enjoy a pleasant walk through the colourful neighbourhood of Barrio Reus, relax in the peaceful green park, and pick up a few bargains at the lively Mercado del Puerto. There are plenty of other places to shop too, including shopping centres and other markets. Other landmarks include the Cathedral, the old Synagogue, Central Cemetery, and a couple of historic castles. There are nice beaches just a short way outside of the heart of the city, perfect for a few days of relaxation in the sun.

Why not add Montevideo to your travel list for somewhere that little bit different?

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