The Netherlands: Party Destination Central!

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Are you looking for a top European destination for some all out fun and partying? What about the Netherlands? Whether you want some place where you can combine your nights (and days!) of partying with historical, artistic, and cultural sightseeing, or whether your trip will be all about the partying, there are heaps of ways to have fun galore in the Netherlands! It’s not called “Party Destination Central” for nothing!

Here are some of the best places to party in the Netherlands:


ffwd-danceparade-rotterdam 2

Rotterdam is known for its vibrant club scene, and it’s certainly a great place to head to if you want to dance the night away whilst listening to some serious tunes. Make your way to the heart of the city and from there it is super easy to find a place that is just perfect for you. If you fancy a night enjoying a more relaxed time, head towards the Old Harbour, where you’ll find an abundance of swish bars and laid-back bars.


Utrecht, me stadsjie

A lively university city with a youthful atmosphere, Utecht’s nightlife is eclectic and interesting. The diversity makes it easy for everyone to enjoy themselves and you are sure to have many great nights to remember (or not!) in Utecht. There are funky and trendy clubs as well as chilled out pubs, and chic bars. It’s a friendly city were you’ll feel right at home. Some of the best parts of the city for nightlife include Stadhuisplein, Neude, Jankerkhof, and Donkere Gaard!

Den Bosch

ASOT 550, Den Bosch, Armin van Buuren, lasers

In the south of the Netherlands, Den Bosch is renowned for its hospitable and welcoming vibe. The key areas for nightlife are easy to get to from the heart of the city, making enjoying the varied clubs and bars really easy. Why limit yourself to just a couple of places when there are so many to choose from? Your only difficulty is likely to be trying to decide where to go next! There are plenty of coffee shops too where you can get your weed fix – although Den Bosch is supposed to check coffee shops for foreigners, rumour has it that the checks are not rigidly enforced! 😉


Static Club 11 Amsterdam

Last but certainly not least – Amsterdam! The capital city has something going on every night of the week … the attitude is pretty relaxed, and if you don’t feel like getting all glammed up, don’t worry – dress codes usually aren’t particularly strict. There are heaps of nightclubs playing a wide range of different music, so you’ll certainly be able to find somewhere to go wild and have a blast! The main clubbing areas are around Leidseplein and Rembrantplein, although you can find many clubs scattered all around the city. If you want to just chill for a bit before heading out, or, if you’re taking it easy after a heavy night before, there are hundreds of coffee shops too. Kick back with a cold beer, a coffee, or a smoke – even grab some greenhouse seeds for when you get home! The Red Light District is another popular place after dark, both the parting hard and some naughty adult entertainment and fun!

In almost every major city and town in The Netherlands you will come across some great places to party! Other top spots include Maastricht, with its plentiful bars, Eindhoven, with bars and clubs galore where you can party until the wee small hours, The Hague, which boasts a really diverse night scene, and the student city of Groningen!


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