Hong Kong Travel Advice

Hong Kong is one of those rare places that truly mixes ancient customs with a modern and forward thinking outlook. Combining traditional Chinese elements with remnants from the days of British colonial rule, it also offers a fantastic blend of East meets West. It has numerous personalities, and is filled with character!

Hong Kong proper is made up of Hong Kong Island, Kowloon on the mainland, the mountainous New Territories, and a selection of islands and islets collectively known as the Outlying Islands.

When planning your trip, have a look at this useful Hong Kong Travel Advice:

Visa Requirements

Most visitors do not need a visa to enter Hong Kong. It operates a separate immigration system to China. Different nationalities are granted different periods of stay – check with your local immigration office before travelling to see how long you can stay in Hong Kong.

Getting to and around Hong Kong

Hong Kong International Airport is a major gateway for those visiting Hong Kong. There are flights to and from most major cities all over the world. Macau International Airport is another alternative, and flights are often cheaper. Macau is well connected to Hong Kong by ferry. Ferries also connect Hong Kong to various places within mainland China. Trains and buses run throughout Hong Kong, and beyond into China proper. Taxis are available in abundance. Hong Kong has an excellent and efficient public transport system.

Languages in Hong Kong

The official languages in Hong Kong are Cantonese and English. Mandarin is also compulsory in schools.

Best Time to Visit

Hong Kong has a sub-tropical climate. The June to September summer months are hot and humid, and typhoons generally happen between July and September. Winters are mild. Spring, between May and March, can be humid and rainy, and autumn is fairly dry with pleasant temperatures. Autumn, September to December, is considered one of the best times to plan a visit to Hong Kong.

Dining in Hong Kong

You can find almost all types of cuisine in Hong Kong, from traditional Chinese fare to gourmet Western meals. Western food is eaten with a knife and fork, and Chinese dishes are typically eaten with chop sticks. Some great dishes to try include Cantonese dim sum, rice porridge known as congee, wonton noodles, and siu mei honey roasted pork. Street food is a terrific way to pick up some delicious and reasonably inexpensive food and BBQ restaurants are popular. Tea is a common drink.

Hong Kong Attractions

There are numerous fantastic things to see and do in Hong Kong. Seeing the iconic skyline is one of the top things to do, as well as riding the Peak Tram to the top of Victoria Peak for breath taking panoramic views of the harbour, city, and beyond. There are also shops, restaurants, and museums. The famous graffiti wall is a free and unusual sight. There are numerous museums across Hong Kong, offering a variety of themes. Horse racing is huge in the city.

Kids will enjoy the lively theme parks, which include Hong Kong Disneyland Resort, Ocean Park, and Ngong Ping 60, as well as the fantastic zoo.

There are many areas where you can see the traditional heritage of Hong Kong, and the quaint and ancient sites are in stark contrast to the large and looming skyscrapers. Nature lovers will also be pleased; Lantau Island is a good place to explore the lovely countryside, and there are various country parks and marine parks. Hong Kong offers some excellent hiking opportunities, and there are numerous nice beaches on which you can relax.

The Avenue of Stars pays homage to Hong Kong’s legends from the big screen, and it is a terrific spot from which to watch the awesome Symphony of Lights.

Make the most of your stay in Hong Kong with this handy Hong Kong Travel advice.

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