How to Have a Hell-Raising Weekend in Amsterdam!

Red-light district (De Wallen) Amsterdam

The Dutch capital of Amsterdam is known for being a top spot for endless nights of partying and hedonistic fun. There are also loads of ways to carry on the fun and laughter into the day – if you’re not too busy sleeping off the night before that is!

Check out these fab ways to have a hell-raising weekend in Amsterdam:

Check Out the Red Light District


Amsterdam’s Red Light District is notorious and legendary all around the world! In a place where almost anything goes, even if you’re not after a little “extra” night time action it’s still a pretty cool place for a wander. The sights and sounds are sure to blow you away, and if you need any more amazement head to one of the raunchy shows or ever-present sex shops. There are bars galore and plenty of places to have fun!

Visit the Sex Museum

Imagen 186

In the cold light of day, this museum is enough to shock anyone! Wonder “how”, “why”, and “what?!” as you peruse an array of naughty themed exhibits.

Explore the Canals

Passing Boats, Amsterdam

Although at first glance cruising around the beautiful canals seems like one of the tamer activities in Amsterdam, it’s not only a great way to admire the city, but you can also inject lots of fun and excitement if you opt for one of the boats with a bar! Some even make stops at a variety of bars along the way, making it something like a booze cruise with the added benefit of stunning sights all around.

Chillax in Vondelpark


A beautiful big green open space in the heart of the city, Vondelpark is a lovely spot if you just want a little downtime and a rest. Interestingly though, it’s supposedly legal to have sex in the park too! Just make sure that it is night time if you plan on getting all amorous!

Soak up the Café Culture

birch'e break

Another of Amsterdam’s well-known sides is the all-pervading café culture. Chat with friends, old and new, and relax in one of the laid-back and friendly joints. Wide menus of all sorts are usually available, so whether you’ve got the munchies and want to grab a bite to eat, want a refreshing drink, or even something else, the cafes are the places to go.

Pick up Unusual Bargains


There are many places to shop all around the city, including malls, boutiques, and markets. As well as being able to get a wide range of souvenirs, clothes, and other typical holiday memorabilia, you’ll perhaps also be surprised to find that it’s pretty easy to pick up some reasonably priced cannabis seeds too!

Go Beer Tasting

On tap

There are several breweries in Amsterdam where you can take a tour and sample lots of delicious and refreshing ales. Amstel and Heineken are perhaps the most famous, but there are lots more too.

Cruise the Bars

Drink anyone?

Amsterdam has a staggering amount of bars all over the city. There is a very strong drinking culture and bars are open from early in the morning until long into the night. Don’t make the mistake of staying in one place too long though – with so many to experience organise yourselves into your own bar crawl, or join one of the organised trips for much fun and laughter.

Dance ‘Till You Drop

Mirror Ball Amsterdam

With clubs and discos all over the place, get your glad rags and dancing shoes on and prepare to dance the night away until the wee small hours. Music is varied, so whether you’re into dance, pop, RnB, or other types, you’ll be sure to find loads of places that tickle your fancy in Amsterdam!

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