Haunted Cheshire

Photo by: Hypocentre

Photo by: Hypocentre

Cheshire, in the United Kingdom, is famous locally and nationally for being home to rolling fields and grassy plains, some great attractions, Cheshire cheese, and Lewis Carrolls’ Cheshire cat! It also has a variety of places that are said to be haunted, and so attracts a great deal of visitors who are interested in the paranormal and supernatural. Some are very quaint and pretty in their own right, and others are sure to make your spine tingle!

The following five are amongst the haunted spots in Cheshire:


The county town of Chester has over 2000 years f history. It was an important Roman city, called Deva by the Romans, and remains today a lively and charming city. The city has some very well preserved Roman walls encircling the heart of the city, and there have been many reports of ghostly Roman soldiers patrolling the walls and keeping a watchful eye over the city. There are some marvellous old traditional public houses that are said to have ghostly punters; the Pied Bull is believed to be haunted by a man who died in the pub in the 17th century, and the Victoria is said to be visited regularly be spectres from the neighbouring church’s crypt. Additionally, an other-worldly monk is reported to live in Saint John the Baptist’s Church, where one can also see an unusual and somewhat intriguing open coffin inset into the high arches.

Ellesmere Port Boat Museum

By day, the Boat Museum is home to a variety of different boats, with some beautifully painted barges being particular favourites. There are some old workers’ houses, with reconstructed interiors, showing life in days gone by. By night, however, the museum is said to be watched over by a deceased but dutiful night watchman, who still patrols the grounds and keeps his rounds today.

The Gym, Winsford

Fitness fanatics may get more than they bargained for during their workout at the Gym. Men especially have told tales of being pestered by an amorous being. The female spirit is said to take rather a shine to some men who are trying to exercise. Other ghosts are also said to go about their business at the Gym, albeit in a less loving manner. These are said to include a late Minister and a former Sunday School Teacher.

The Lion and Bell Public House, Congleton

Patrons of this pub have more than one good reason for experiencing strange occurrences. It was an old coach house, and the scene of a nasty suicide. A nearby building was a funeral home. There are therefore several ethereal explanations offered for strange things that happen. A nearby road is said to be haunted by a ghostly female.

Church and Village Green, Wrenbury

The quaint village of Wrenbury is reputedly home to a wide variety of different spirits and spectres. They supposedly walk around the village green, the church and churchyard, and other nearby buildings. The village is a really lovely place to visit, with interesting and old architecture, even if you do not bump into an eerie being.

Many old buildings, especially public houses, in Cheshire, have some stories attached to them. There are many roads that are said to have ghostly spectres patrolling up and down. It is easy to find local legends about things that go bump in the night!

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