Food in Israel

Traditional and typical food in Israel is made up of dishes that were created within the country in the past as well as those dishes that were brought into the country by visiting Jews. Food in Israel contains many tasty fusion dishes and Israeli cuisine is popular in many other countries around the world. There are many similarities and overlaps with neighbouring countries and you may also notice tastes of the Mediterranean too.

As well as an abundance of restaurants throughout the country, Israel also has many terrific street food vendors where you can try a variety of local tastes.

If you’re not quite sure what you fancy the mezes are terrific – you can try little bit of a large variety of different dishes.

Some top food in Israel includes:


An obvious one to start with, this is one of the most well known food items to come out of Israel. Made from mashed up chickpeas with other condiments, such as lime juice, garlic, and sesame oil, hummus is a staple within many Israeli households and can be eaten as an accompaniment with many other dishes.


Perfect for veggie visitors, falafel is deep fried balls of mashed up chickpeas. Bursting with flavour, it is often served inside pita bread, the most popular type of bread in the country. Common side dishes include pickles, salad, chips, and fried aubergine.

Israeli Salad

Although a variety of ingredients may be used to create a crisp and refreshing salad, typically this dish is made from cucumbers and tomatoes that have been finely diced and then dressed with olive oil. Salt, pepper, and lemon juice are also added for extra taste. Cabbage, lettuce, peppers, carrot, radish, and other spices and herbs can also be added. Although a salad can be eaten alone it usually forms part of a larger meal.

Stuffed Vine Leaves

Similar to those found in the Med, a yummy selection of vegetables along with rice or couscous and sometimes meats are wrapped within a vine leaf, grilled, and served. You will also find stuffed peppers and stuffed dates too, all equally as tempting.


Another popular dish, loved by outsiders as well as natives, is shwarma. It is meat that has been grilled or barbecued and then sliced thinly, often to be enjoyed within bread. The most usual meat is lamb.


Schnitzel is fried breaded chicken. Deep frying really helps to bring out all the flavour and it is often served with salad, chips, and other side dishes.


This dish is made from eggs pan-fried with tomatoes. Spices are added to give it a kick and it is often served still in the pan. It is a popular meal in the winter months and it is commonly served with bread.


Whilst Israel has several delicious cheeses this is one of the tastiest. A white cheese, it is made from a yoghurt base. It may accompany different dishes and it is also often enjoyed at breakfast time with bread and an assortment of other local cheeses.

Chicken Soup

A traditional favourite, chicken soup is most often found in the colder winter months. As opposed to creamier soups often found in Europe, Israelis chicken soup is much thinner. The broth may also contain a small selection of vegetables, such as celery, carrot, and onion, and a few herbs may be added for extra flavour. It is warming and soothing; a proper comfort food!

This is just a small selection of the many mouth-watering treats that await you in Israel – you will certainly find something to keep your taste buds happy!

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