Five Natural Tourist Spots in New Zealand!

Southern Alps, New Zealand

People should probably visit New Zealand at least once in their life. With all the country’s sights and natural wonders, it would be a shame to not see at least one of those. Countless tourists visit the country of the Kiwis to marvel at these natural beauties. We have a list below of five natural tourist spots that will surely make you fall in love with Mother Nature and give you a much needed break from all the hustle and bustle of the city life.

Abel Tasman National Park

Relaxing on the Beach

Starting our list is this blockbuster of a tourist spot, Abel Tasman National Park is the only coastal national park in all of New Zealand, which is perfect as it also sits on the country’s sunniest region. The park caters to all types of travellers with appetites for different adventures. Whether it be kayaking, skydiving, hiking, or even flying a plane, Abel Tasman has it all.

If you are planning to go for a tour, make sure to look for a quality car hire in Queenstown to make your trip easier and more convenient for getting around.

The peaceful turquoise water and the marvellous sandbars provide a great relaxing view as you survey the surroundings for the sea and flying animals that frequent the place.

Fiordland National Park

milford sound

The home of Milford Sound, a recent addition to the new natural wonders of the earth. Hop into a boat and get the ride of your life that you will never forget, straight into the heart of the sound where the peaceful waters and the quiet atmosphere can do more than just calm your soul.

If thrill is more your avenue, then the Routeburn Track has got you covered. The 3 day hike up on its trail is sure to excite any adventurers at heart.



The itinerary choice for those who come with adventure in their spirits and in the framework of their mountain bicycles. The International Mountain Biking Association has recently given Rotorua the prestigious gold level mountain bike status, making it one out of the only six who has ever reached this standing.

Rotorua also has the famous geothermal mud spa, perfect for those who love a bit of a healthy relaxing stop.

Tauranga Bay Seal Colony Walk


Fur seals, from about 20 to 200 in number, dot the rocks and the shore like the adorable animals that they are. If you want a really fun and raucous visit, come by around December when the pups are born.

Arthur’s Pass National Park


Last but not least is the Arthur’s Pass where there’s a family friendly off-road trail. Visitors who pass by here always have their cameras out because of frequent kea sightings. Perfect place for a picnic stop.
NZ is truly a treasure trove of the wonders of nature; have both eyes and camera ready!

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