Extreme Adventure Activities in Australia

Sunset - Kings canyon Australia

A large country with diverse landscapes, Australia is a dream for those looking for an abundance of outdoor activities and adventures. Inspired by these adrenaline pumping ideas, thrill-seekers certainly won’t be left feeling disappointed with our selection of exciting extreme adventure activities in Australia! There are also tamer activities too making sure that there really is something for everyone.

You’ll find a wide assortment of adventure activities along the stunning stretching coastlines, as well as in the lush rainforests, craggy interior mountains, and arid deserts.

Some great extreme adventure activities in Australia include:



Are you brave enough to throw yourself out of a plane, with just a parachute to stop you from plunging towards impending doom? If this sounds right up your street, have a go at some heart-thumping and stomach-churning skydiving when in OZ.

Beautiful Cairns is one of the top spots in the country for skydiving – you will have excellent views of lush rainforest and the shimmering ocean, with islands and islets rising majestically out of the waters and the natural jewel that is the Great Barrier Reef. Other favourite places for skydiving include Byron Bay, Sydney, Mission Beach, and Brisbane.


Sorozatgyilkos fehér cápa

Australia has many great places for diving and exploring the underwater depths, and diving around the spectacular Great Barrier Reef has become somewhat of an iconic experience in Australia. When you’ve seen plenty of fish and turtles etc, why not ramp it up a notch and go cage diving with sharks?! Even though you’re in a sturdy metal cage, nothing can quite prepare you for that moment when you come nose to nose with a fearsome great white shark. See its razor sharp teeth as you stare into its eyes – it really does offer a rush like no other!
If you like the idea of diving with large creatures but aren’t quite ready to meet a great white, you can also go diving with nursing sharks, dolphins, and tuna fish.

Off Road Driving

Cervantes, Nambung NP | Pinnacles Desert

The vast, dry, and dusty deserts offer many memorable off-roading experiences. Feel like you’ve landed on a different planet as you take in the endless views of nothingness! You’ll also likely see some incredible natural rock formations as well as some desert-dwelling creatures and plants.
There are also spots where you can go off-road and race across dramatic sand dunes – Fraser Island is a top spot for dune driving.

Bush Walking

Curious Kangaroos

Head into the wilderness and enjoy some excellent bush walking in the outback. See iconic Australian flora and fauna, such as crocodiles, kangaroos, wallabies, and koalas. You may pass through indigenous settlements, and you’ll have the chance to learn more about tribal cultures and traditions. For even more excitement, why not explore the bush by horseback?

White Water Rafting


There are many raging rivers all around Australia that offer different grades of white water rafting. Sea kayaking and canoeing are also widely available for even more watery adventures.

Some top rivers for white water rafting include the Avon River in Western Australia, New South Wales’s Murray River, Gwydir River, and Nymboida River, and the Russell, Tully, Barron, and Johnstone Rivers in North Queensland. There are even more rafting adventures to be found on Tasmania, at the Picton River, Franklin River, and Mersey River.

Other adventures include skiing and snowboarding, teetering across a rainforest canopy walk, surfing, deep sea fishing, climbing, biking, and camping.

With so many options, it’s easy to enjoy a selection of extreme adventure activities in Australia.


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