Essential Tips For Travelling Around the UK!

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Travelling to a new destination is an exciting and fulfilling way to embark on a vacation. A great way to ensure that you spend the maximum amount of time exploring and not deciding what to do is to research how you will get around the country.

While spontaneity is great it can be useful to know what the most timely and cost efficient ways are to get around. In this post we will cover travelling around the UK.

Rail Travel

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The UK has large rail networks that can take you all over the country and even out of it. Every city in the country has a station, as do most major towns which makes travelling by rail one of the most convenient ways to get around. The best part about being an international visitor in the UK is that you can purchase an exclusive Britrail pass that offers reduced prices when travelling by train. In their travel section the Visit Britain Shop inform readers that there are several types of passes ranging from ones that cover the whole country to those that only cover parts i.e. London.

Bus travel

The UK has two bus companies that travel long distance, Megabus (the cheapest) and National Express. Both services go all over the country and are the most cost effective method to get around. Fellow travel blogger Adventurous Kate states on her site that while buses can be three times cheaper than travelling by train it can take a lot longer. For example, the quickest train from London to Edinburgh is just over four and half hours, the quickest bus is nine and a half.

Car Travel

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The most convenient way to see the UK is by car. There are many rental companies in the UK and if you are travelling with a group it can also be very cost effective. The benefits of using a car is that you are your own master and it allows you stop anywhere you want to on your journey. Experienced traveller Rick Stevens considers the UK as one of the best countries to rent a car due to reasonable rental fees and its exciting rural areas. The UK is famous for its countryside and travelling by car allows you to discover the country’s hidden gems.

Air Travel

Travelling by air is the quickest way to move around the UK but it’s obviously the most expensive. The UK has several budget airlines that fly to all the major airports. If you are limited for time, then flying will allow you to see much more of the country with more time to spare than any other mode of transport. Air travel can be combined with car travel, as Parking4Less lists the options available at major airports like Heathrow for travellers passing through.

This allows you to travel around the south of the UK then drop the rental car off at the airport and fly to places that would require a long journey to reach such as Scotland making it ideal for travellers on a shorter break.

We hope these tips will act as a useful guide if you are planning to travel to the UK anytime soon, no matter what your budget or time frame is.

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