Cool Things to Do in Haiti

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Haiti is a place that many people don’t know a lot about; but that doesn’t mean that there are not heaps of cool things to do in Haiti! A great destination for adventure-lovers and fans of seeking out places that are a little different and unusual, travellers who are curious and open-minded can find plenty of excitement and experiences in Haiti.

Boasting brilliant and unspoiled beaches, delicious cuisine, welcoming people, and plenty of local rum, Haiti is slowly rebuilding itself after the devastating earthquake in 2010. The country’s vibrant spirit is alive and kicking and the bustling streets are lined with busy vendors. The rhythmic sounds of music fill the air, the vibrations shuddering underfoot.

If you’re intrigued by Haiti, here are some cool things that await you in this North American nation:


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Also known as Yaquimel, Jacmel is a beautiful port town that boasts soft white sandy beaches and a sense of times gone by. A popular tourist destination, it is also one of the safest places in the country for visitors to enjoy. Try and visit when one of the vibrant music carnivals are on – you won’t be disappointed! The best take place over Lent.

Learn more about the former coffee port, relax on the enticing beaches, stroll around the charming streets of the old town, take plenty of photos of the gorgeous old buildings, admire a range of handicrafts, and enjoy chatting with the friendly and curious locals.

Sans-Souci Palace

Built in the early 1800s, Sans Souci Palace is located in the Haitian town of Milot. Previously a French plantation, the former controller of the land was well-known for his cruel and barbaric nature. Many people died during the construction of the palace. A former royal home and once a lively place filled with dancing, feasting, and fun galore, the palace now stands in forlorn ruins.

Wander around and imagine what it must have been like in its heyday, when it featured delightful gardens, cascading fountains, and other decorative touches. Somewhat off the beaten track, it is still well worth a visit when in Haiti. You can also enjoy the nearby old Citadel. The remains of the palace and Citadel are UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

When in the area you could also enjoy an exhilarating ride on horseback up and around the jagged and rocky cliff tops. Don’t worry – you’ll be accompanied by local guides who will not only ensure your safety but will also tell you lots about the area. The paths are lined with fruit trees, and you’ll see banana, mango, guava, and other fruits growing here.

Port Au Prince

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The capital city of Haiti, Port au Prince is also the country’s biggest city. Bursting with great things to see and do, you definitely won’t have time to feel bored if you spend a few days here!

Although badly damaged during the earthquake, the ruins of the once-grand Cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption are worth a visit. You can spot traces of the former glory and see the devoted praying in front of the building’s remains. Wander around the Champs-de-Mar and enjoy one of Haiti’s biggest parks, learn more about the country’s past and present at the interesting and informative Musee du Pantheon National Haitien, and shop for almost anything imaginable at the chaotic and colourful Marche de Fer. A day trip to Fort Jacques is recommended, where you can enjoy nature, mountain life, and terrific views.

Other cool things to do in Haiti include learning more about the voodoo beliefs and culture, chilling out at the pretty Ile a Vache, admiring the country’s tallest mountain of Pic La Selle from the scenic Foret de Pins, enjoying water sports at Les Cayes, hiking in Aquin, and soaking up some sun on the superb beaches of Port-Salut.


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