Best Places in the World for Steak Lovers


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Steak is the stuff that many foodies dream about. With its tender texture, enticing juices, and delicious natural flavours, for many, it is one of the tastiest things ever. Add a little cheese to it, eat it with fries, cover it in sauce, enjoy it with mushrooms … there are numerous ways to create the perfect mouthwatering steak! You can even have it cold, sliced into one of the best sandwiches ever!

Whether you like it rare, medium, or well-done, whether you prefer it barbecued, roasted, or pan-fried, whatever is your cut of choice, and however you like it seasoned, there’s no denying that there’s something delectably special about steak for meat-lovers the whole world over.

Are you passionate about your steak? If so, here are some of the best places in the world for steak lovers:


Argentina Steak

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Often said to be the number one place in the world for chowing down on a good steak, Argentina is widely-known for its beef production. Most cows live freely here, roaming the fields and chomping grass. As opposed to corn-fed cows, Argentinean cows eat grass – and it shows in the taste. Fat is spread more evenly through the meat, and steaks from Argentina are truly melt in the mouth.

Steaks in Argentina are typically cooked slowly over wood, creating a delicious smoky taste. Little seasoning is added. Why not pair your steak with one of the country’s famous wines for the most perfect meal ever?!


Another South American favourite for devoted meat-lovers, Uruguay yields delicious steaks. Farmers take real pride in their cattle rearing and you are all but guaranteed a great meal in any of the country’s numerous steak houses. The high quality beef has an exceptionally great taste.

It is common for steak to be prepared with a blend of spices and barbecued. Chimichurri is a popular steak sauce that can become pretty addictive! Enjoy your steak with some local wine.


Steak BBQ

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With wide expanses for cattle to roam and an abundance of cattle ranches, Australia ranks highly when it comes to steak. Many of the country’s cattle are free range. Try and opt for meat from cows that have been grass-fed (as opposed to grain-fed) for a better taste. There are many steak restaurants and chains across the country, showing the nation’s love for beef. Aussie steak is also widely exported. Try surf and turf, an Australian speciality that combines succulent steak with yummy seafood. And, of course, who can forget the famous Aussie BBQ?!


Home of the well-known Aberdeen Angus cows, Scottish beef is loved around the globe. The lush Scottish Highlands provide the perfect stomping grounds for cattle, allowing the red and black cows to roam freely in the fresh air, exercise, and munch on grass to their hearts’ content. The meat is tender with a good fat distribution. It doesn’t get much better than this!

Other countries that are known for producing top-notch steaks include Japan, Brazil, Chile, Mongolia, Canada, and the USA. Rather surprisingly, China and India produce lots of beef … though the quality may not be quite up to par with other leading countries. Be sure to sink your teeth into some delicious steaks when travelling to any of these countries, and find your own personal favourite. It might be a tough call!

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