Essential Places to Visit in Thailand

With so many fabulous places, how does one begin to select the best places to visit in Thailand?! With great difficulty! Combining varied landscapes, a long and rich history, cultural delights, spirituality, and a warm and welcoming local population, Thailand really does offer something for everyone.

You may already have an idea of where you want to visit. You might want to spend your time relaxing on the heavenly beaches and islands of the south. You may want to get active with trekking adventures in the north. You may want to focus of historical and cultural sites. Try and combine a bit of everything for a great insight into the Land of Smiles.

These are some of the best places to visit in Thailand:


You should aim to spend at least a couple of days in Thailand’s exciting capital city. Lively and busy, it mixes modern delights with a rich culture and history. You can see the magnificent Royal Palace and the sacred Emerald Buddha, visit important temples such as Wat Sisaket, Wat Pho, and Wat Arun, drift along the waterways and see a simpler way of life, shop ‘till you drop in expansive mega malls, party the night away, and generally have the time of your life! It wasn’t for nothing that Murray Head sang that “One night in Bangkok and the world’s your oyster”!


Phuket is a very tourist friendly large island. At times, it is easy to forget that you are on an island because of the vastness. Phuket combines beautiful beaches thronging with tourists and quieter spots for a more serene experience. Water sports abound, you can ride an elephant, day trip to other nearby beautiful islands, reflect at spiritual temples, dine in sophisticated settings, and party the night away at some of the island’s coolest clubs. Make sure you visit at least one of the viewpoints to see the fabulous panoramas. Sunsets are particularly magical from up high.

Chiang Mai

Often billed as the cultural and natural centre of Thailand, the northern city of Chiang Mai is a delightful contrast to the hustle and bustle of Bangkok. Sitting at the bottom of the Thai Himalayas, it is surrounded by soaring mountains and wild jungles. Chiang Mai is home to literally hundreds of temples and the centre is surrounded by an old wall. You can combine culture with various outdoor activities, including hiking, elephant trekking, river rafting, and more. Visit various ethnic tribes to learn more about the different groups that inhabit Thailand.


The UNESCO World Heritage Site of ancient Ayutthaya allows you to wander through the remains of a mighty and powerful Kingdom. There are numerous fine old temples to explore, in various states of preservation. Wat Mahatat contains a particularly interesting feature – a stone Buddha’s head that has become encased in a tree! Additionally, most of the Buddha images actually have no heads – they were hacked off and stolen by Burmese invaders! You can also find elephants, a floating market, and a chilled out night scene.


Steeped in war history, the beautiful town of Kanchanaburi is home to the famous Bridge Over the River Kwai. You can also visit one of Thailand’s nicest waterfalls – the spectacular Erawan Falls. Museums, war cemeteries, beautiful nature, and temples add to area’s appeal, and you can take a ride on the scenic Death Railway. You can even touch a tiger if you like!

Other terrific and popular spots include the beautiful island and beaches of Koh Phi Phi, Koh Tao, renowned for its great diving, Koh Samet with its spas, beaches, and golf courses, and the infamous Koh Phangan with its full moon parties and larger than life attitude. Another great ancient city is Sukhothai, and a popular national park is Khao Yai.

Discover your own best places to visit in Thailand as you have a fantastic journey filled with adventures!


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