Best Local Foods from Singapore

Singapore is bursting with delectable delights to eat. Dishes often incorporate a rich heritage, with Chinese, Indian, Malaysian and Indonesian influences.

Here are some tasty and recommended local foods from Singapore to enjoy when travelling around the country:

Chicken Rice

Steamed or boiled chicken is served on top of fragrant oily rice, with sliced cucumber on the side as the token vegetable. Variants may include roasted chicken or soy sauce chicken. It’s not just any rice though! The rice used in chicken rice is cooked with chicken stock, ginger, garlic and sometimes pandan leaves for added fragrance, aroma, and taste. The whole chicken is steeped in pork and chicken bone stock to absorb the flavours as it cooks.

Bak Chor Mee

This dish translates as minced pork noodles. The springy wheat noodles soak up the fragrant mix of chilli and vinegar better than other noodle types, ensuring a pleasant taste for all. Typically, the dish is ordered “dry” to savour the full flavours of the sauce … you can choose between chili sauce and tomato sauce. You can also choose between different types of noodles. An array of other ingredients are also included, such as crispy lard, stewed mushrooms, minced meat, liver and a fried wanton.

Char Kway Teow

A Singaporean favourite, this dish consists of flat rice noodles with a sweet dark sauce. Stir-fried with egg, pork lard, Chinese sausages and fish cake, only a true Wok Master will be able to fry the Hokkien Noodles thoroughly enough whilst at the same time making sure not to over fry the Kway Teow. It should maintain a luscious and tempting texture. A Penang variation (from Malaysia) exists as well, using chives and prawns. It lacks the sweetness that is distinctive of the Singaporean style meal.

Chili Crab

Another popular Singaporean dish, chili crab is one of the most requested dishes from visitors to the country. The chili crab is spicy and the gravy is thickened with egg so that its wonderfully thick consistency stays right up until the very last delicious drop.

Other famous crab dishes include Black Pepper Crabs and Crab Bee Hoon.


Sometimes referred to as the Asian burrito, this healthy snack is like a Chinese spring roll but that hasn’t been deep-fried. The round Popiah skin is a thin paper-like wheat crepe that is rolled up to encase all the yummy ingredients. A sweet hoisin sauce is liberally spread on the flat skin before the tasty fillings are added. Ingredients include thing like turnips, carrots, bean sprouts, Chinese sausage, shredded omelette, crushed peanuts and sometimes shrimp, chicken, or crab meat.


Laksa is often said by locals to be one of the tastiest dishes on earth! There are two main types of laksa – curry laksa and asam laksa. Curry laksa is more predominant in Singapore, whilst assam laksa is found more in Malaysia. In fact, there are many variants of Laksa, differing in fish type, broth and types of noodle.

These are just a few of the goodies you can find in Singapore – go on, treat yourself to some tasty Singaporean local food!

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