Best Historical Sites in Turkey

Dolmabahçe Palace turkey

Turkey is a popular holiday choice, with beautiful beaches, lively party hotspots, cosmopolitan cities, and interesting attractions. It is also home to some of Europe’s greatest historical spots. Make sure that you visit some of these best historical sites in Turkey when enjoying your holiday in the sun:


Named after Aphrodite, the famous Greek goddess of love, Aphrodisias has a long history that stretches back to around 2800 BC. It was the former capital city of the area known as Lydia. It is one of the best historic and archaeological locations in the Aegean area.



Ephesus is a charming classical city in Izmir Province. It sits close to the mouth of the Cayster River, and is one of the best historic sites on the Mediterranean. Visitors can feel like they have stepped back into the days of chariots and Roman legions, straight into the grand days of the Roman Empire. It is a wonderfully interesting place, filled with remnants from this ancient civilization.


Disco ship in sunset at Side, Turkey

In Side one can stroll through ancient ruins that sit harmoniously alongside modern constructions. The Temple of Apollo sits near to the coast, and makes a striking sunset sight. There is an old amphitheatre, ancient baths, the remains of the city walls, and more, just waiting to be explored.


Steeped in mythology, wander Troy, whilst imagining fearsome ships, the ill-fated Helen, Trojan horses, and more. The ancient city allows guests to stroll through the remnants of a long lost empire. It is picturesque, interesting, and really quite awesome. Roam the areas that inspired the works of classical writers such as Virgil and Homer.

Mount Nemrut

West Terrace

In the centre of the Taurus Mountains, Mount Nemrut combines amazing natural beauty with ancient and historical wonders. The area has seen influences from the Persians and the Romans.


Nestled in a national park area, Olympos is fairly remote and secluded. It is surrounded by hills and woodlands, and close to the beach. It has many mysterious and intriguing historic places.


View of the stage of the theatre at Hierapolis - this could hold 12,000 spectators

In the area of Pamukkale, ancient Hierapolis is amongst the most special and enthralling old cities. It was an important trade city in the past, and has delightful hot springs and an abundance of religious buildings. Christian churches and Hellenic temples attract many visitors.



Today, Didim is known for its laid back atmosphere and seductive lull. It is said to have been the birthplace of the twin God and Goddess, Apollo and Artemis. It is riddled with mythology, history, and ancient culture.


Temple of Artemis at Sardis

Exotic Sardis is the oldest city in Asia Minor. It sits at the bottom of the soaring Tmolus Mountain overlooking the Hermus River and its plains. Mysterious and evocative, Sardis has grown from a mélange of cultural influences over its long and varied history.

Also amongst the best historical sites in Turkey are Aspendos, Assos, Gordion, Perge, Catalhoyuk, Hattusas, Safronbolu, Pergamum, and Simena. With so much to see, a trip to historic Turkey will surely be memorable.

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