The Best Beaches in Malaysia

Malaysia is often overlooked when people think about a South East Asian beach retreat. This is a shame, because, with long stretches of coastline and many islands, Malaysia has some really stunning beaches. There are 6 beaches in particular that can be ranked amongst the best beaches in Malaysia.

1. The Penhentian Islands

This beautiful collection of islands is located of the north east coast. With crystal clear waters it is possible to snorkel right from the sandy beaches, where one will see a variety of interesting and colourful marine life. In some areas it is possible to see sharks. Swimming with turtles is another reason the Perhentians attract sea loving folk. The islands have a relaxed and chilled out vibe, with a low key, yet fun, night life. There is a variety of places to stay, and the arduous journey of getting there will be well rewarded when one finally touches the gleaming sand and ventures into the dazzling ocean.

2. Langkawi Island

A firm favourite on the travelling trail, Langkawi Island is located off the north west of mainland Malaysia, very near to the Thai border. It is a duty free island, so visitors will be pleased to find super cheap prices. There are high end resorts mixed with budget guest houses, and a very wide selection of places to eat and drink. Steeped in local legend, Langkawi is popular for its nice beaches. One can enjoy sweeping panoramic views from the 710 metre high cable car.

3. Penang

The large island of Penang is off the Northwest coast of peninsular Malaysia, linked by road and rail. It is also accessible by air and sea. One reason for Penang’s popularity is that, as well as having some pretty beaches, it is also home to some of the best street food in Malaysia. It has a long and interesting history, and is home to many cultural attractions.

4. Labuan

Closer to the Malay states on the island of Borneo than to peninsula Malaysia, the island of Labuan is home to many business ventures. Beach lovers will enjoy the island too, and there are many opportunities for wreck diving.

5. Layang-Layang

Also off the coast of Malaysian Borneo, Layang-Layang is a small island, with pristine beaches and wonderfully clear waters. It is an incredibly popular dive location, and the beaches are relatively deserted. There is only one place to stay on this tiny slice of Eden, and it really does feel like being cast away on a tropical island.

6. Redang

Nine different islands from the Redang archipelago, each one offering something a little bit different. With dense jungle interiors, they are great for land and sea lovers; one can go diving and snorkeling in the shimmering ocean, laze on the sands, and hike through rugged wilderness. They also have well preserved coral reefs.

Why not try Malaysia for your next beach break? With beaches and islands that offer culture, night life, food, and water sports, there is a perfect beach for everyone.

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