Belgian Amusement Parks

Looking for some fun in Belgium? Why not check out some of the country’s excellent theme parks and amusement parks? There is a great selection of Belgian amusement parks, with some that are more appropriate for younger members of the family and others that are suitable for thrill seekers and dare-devils! Many have a varied selection of rides and attractions, however, making them perfect for people of all ages.

Great Belgian amusement parks include:

Walibi Park

With a few different parks across Europe, Walibi Park is perhaps the most famous of Belgium’s amusement parks. It is within easy reach of Brussels, making it a great day trip to make from the capital. With a diverse selection of rides, including roller coasters, high rides, water rides, and slow rides for the kids, it is great for the whole family. There is a fantastic 4D cinema, as well as lush tropical gardens, shops, an aquarium, cafes, and restaurants. You can also see kangaroos!


Another of Belgium’s most well loved theme parks, Bobbejaanland in Lichtart has something for everyone. With an indoor play area and an indoor roller coaster, it is also good for when the weather is not so good. Speed along on adrenalin rides, get wet on the water rides, and watch as the little ones have fun on the tamer rides. There is a good selection of places to eat and drink.


Bellewaerde is located near to Ypres and it has been built on the site of the former bloody battle. As well as a good assortment of rides the park is also home to many different animals from all over the globe. There are some nice gardens to enjoy as well as a fun 4D cinema. Refreshments are readily available.


Plopsaland is a great place to visit with younger children – it is most suited to those under the age of around 14 years old. There are three Plopsaland amusement parks in Belgium – Hasselt’s Plopsa Indoor, Plopsaland de Panne, which is within easy reach of the sea, and Plopsa Coo. Each has great shows, good rides, fun play areas, and an array of eating and drinking options.

Ardenne Adventure Park

This is a place for those who like thrilling activities in the great outdoors. As well as admiring some of Belgium’s beautiful scenery and natural areas you can try your hand at a range of exciting activities. From walking and biking to paintballing and rafting, it offers a fun filled day to remember. It is more suited to older visitors.

Visit some of these Belgian amusement parks for something a bit different when on your holiday and travelling around this lovely country.

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