Bangkok Nightlife

Thailand’s capital city of Bangkok really is a place like no other. It’s a place where spirituality and hedonism coexist, a place where sacred temples, massage parlours, glitzy shopping malls, street markets, bars, clubs, and numerous ornate shrines all hold a place within the local culture.

Whilst the city has lots of things to do in the daytimes it also boasts a wide range of things to do at night time. Shopaholics can get their fill at the excellent night markets, there are restaurants to suit every palate and bars to suit every mood, clubs that keep on pumping until the wee small hours, amazing shows, and invigorating Muay Thai fights.

The shows on offer in Bangkok include the magical and cultural Siam Niramit, where you can enjoy an evening of Thai singing, dancing, wonderful outfits, and folkloric culture, glamorous and out of this world lady boy cabaret shows, and, of course, Bangkok’s reputation for adult shows is not unwarranted. Head to one of the incredible sky bars for amazing views over the city coupled with an air of sophistication.

Some of the main areas for nightlife in Bangkok include:

Thong Lor

A relatively exclusive part of the city, the bars and restaurants in the Thong Lor area ooze sophistication and class. It is a popular night time spot with tourists, expats, and locals alike. If you are looking for a more high end and upscale vibe, Thong Lor is the place to go. A super fashionable area, food and drinks come at a price, but the costs are well worth it. Bars range from those with live music, jazz joints, and uber-trendy spots with unique and stunning décor. Amongst the top places to check out are Brew, Perfume, Sapporo Bar, Sway, Moulin, Clouds, and Shades of Retro. Other great spots include Iron Fairy, Apoteka, Wine Republic, and Bad Motel. Get your glad rags on and head to Thong Lor for a night of chic and refined class.


In complete contrast to the classiness of Thong Lor, Patpong is Bangkok’s original red light district. It has toned it down a bit, however, over the years, and now attracts a diverse crowd. As well as those seeking adult pleasures and down and out dirty raucous fun, the large night market also means that you will often see families and couples wandering around the area. Neon flashing lights vie for attention, and the music just keeps streaming from the many bars and clubs. There are go-go bars and strip joints galore, although t is possible to find a quieter spot to simply sit, drink, and people watch!


There are several pockets in Sukhumvit that have taken over the title of being the naughtiest places in Bangkok. Nana Plaza is gritty, edgy, and definitely not for the faint of heart. It attracts a harder crowd, rather than those who are just interested in looking. Soi Cowboy, on the other hand, is still very much a red light district but it has a much more laid back and chilled out vibe. Attracting a wide variety of people, the parties in Soi Cowboy are legendary!


Silom is where you will find the city’s largest concentration of gay bars, pubs, clubs, and shows. There are saunas and karaoke bars too, and it really does have an anything goes approach to life and nocturnal activities!


RCA is the true heart and soul of the Bangkok club scene. A designated area for night life, places are open each and every night of the week and you will never be short of somewhere to go here. There are many great places to choose between, and with places situated within easy walking distance from each other you can try out a few different spots in one night. You will find places that have house music pumping, techno clubs, live music joints, places that specialize in pop music … and more!

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