Backpacking in Argentina


There are numerous reasons why Argentina is a great backpacking country; whether you go alone or with a friend, you will find good prices, friendly people and amazing destinations.  Argentina also has a decent infrastructure, making it easy to get from place to place, and many younger Argentineans speak good English, making it easy for solo travellers.  There is a dazzling array of landscapes for you to explore, with soaring mountains, the wilds of Patagonia, lush jungles and brilliant cityscapes.

There are good hostels and guest houses in most major areas, making it both kind for your pocket and easy to meet people.

A popular city to start your Argentinean backpacking adventure is the lively capital of Buenos Ares.  You will quickly meet other travellers to party and sight-see with.  You may even decide to continue your onward adventures together.  As South American cities go, Buenos Ares is relatively safe for solo travellers. Follow the usual safety precautions and you should be fine.  Avoid walking on your own at night and do not carry expensive items that could make you a target for thieves.


Another must see when backpacking in Argentina is the spectacular Iguazu Falls.  With a few extra days you can trek in the gorgeous and wild jungle in the surrounding area, which is home to an abundance of wildlife.  A day trip to the Brazilian side of the falls is relatively easy and not so expensive.  Make sure you arrange a visa before trying to cross.


You can see small Inca towns in Salta, party some more in the university town of Cordoba, and relax on heavenly beaches in Mar de Plato.  In Puerto Madryn, spot some more wildlife, including penguins, seals, sea lions and whales, and pay a visit to the incredible growing glacier at El Calafate.  If you want a spot of activity, there are good glacier climbing opportunities at Ushuaia.  The lakes of Bariloche are a great place to visit when backpacking in Argentina, and there is also excellent hiking in the area.  In Mendoza, sample some of the delicious Argentinean wine and famous Argentine steaks with new friends.

With many people choosing to visit Argentina, it is easy to meet travel buddies and also to travel alone.  However you decide to travel and whichever order you hit the highlights of Argentina, you will be sure to have an amazing time!


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