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Haunted Cheshire

Cheshire, in the United Kingdom, is famous locally and nationally for being home to rolling fields and grassy plains, some great attractions, Cheshire cheese, and Lewis Carrolls’ Cheshire cat! It also has a variety of places that are said to be haunted, and so attracts a great deal of visitors who are interested in the […]

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What to Know When Visiting Ghana

West Africa’s Ghana has a name that simply inspires people to visit; translated it means Warrior King, from the days of rich glory and heritage. People are often surprised by how friendly people are in Ghana. That along with colourful and varied traditions, a long and interesting history, political stability, exciting foods, and interesting things […]

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The Best Beaches in Malaysia

Malaysia is often overlooked when people think about a South East Asian beach retreat. This is a shame, because, with long stretches of coastline and many islands, Malaysia has some really stunning beaches. There are 6 beaches in particular that can be ranked amongst the best beaches in Malaysia. 1. The Penhentian Islands This beautiful […]

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The Best Scuba Diving Locations in Thailand

Thailand is blessed with hundreds and hundreds of kilometers of gorgeous coastlines. There are many beautiful islands dotted along the mainland, both off the Andaman Coast and off the Gulf Coast. Some of these islands, as well as some mainland spots, are excellent locations for scuba diving in Thailand. With amazing coral reefs, ship wrecks, […]

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