Art in Berlin

Germany’s capital city of Berlin is known for its splendid architecture, vibrant night life, colourful and divisive history, good shopping, range of different cuisines, and for being home to a vast array of things to do and see. Did you also know that Berlin is a haven for art lovers too? There are plenty of places to admire different types of art in Berlin, with something that is sure to suit all artistic tastes.

Some great spots for art in Berlin include:

KW Institute for Contemporary Art

As well as being able to admire a variety of different pieces at this lovely gallery you will also find demonstrations and fun workshops to join in with. There is also often a variety of performances to keep you amused and entertained, and if you are a fan of the arts it is well worth scheduling in at least a couple of hours for your visit here. The building is expansive, stretching over four different floors, and there are certainly heaps of things to do and see. The pleasant courtyard is a good place to relax with a drink and rest up for a moment or two.

East Side Gallery

The East Side Gallery is the most famous gallery in the city, and it attracts many visitors day after day. It is on the eastern side of one of the remaining sections of the notorious Berlin Wall that once split the city into two incredibly different areas. As well as being a place with lots of history and being a significant part of the city’s culture, it is also home to a large number of fabulous paintings by artists from all around the world. Indeed, there are over 100 different pictures for you to feast your eyes upon. It is no surprise that this is often high on the list of things to do in Berlin.

Hamburger Bahnhof

This superb museum is located inside an old railway station, hence the name. The building itself is a fantastic piece of architecture, and once you set foot inside you will be rewarded with some beautiful works of art to admire. There are paintings, photographs, and videos, with a large permanent collection and several temporary exhibitions.

Pool Gallery

The Pool Gallery has a very modern, funky, and edgy feel about it, and it contains lots of contemporary pieces by artists from all over the globe. The overall effect is very much one of trendy street culture, and because the works change often it always has a fresh and interesting appeal.

Sammlung Boros Collection

This collection of modern art lives in a former World War Two bunker. The bunker has seen many uses over the years, including its original use as a bomb shelter, a prison, a storage unit, and even a club for S&M parties! The collection itself is diverse and varied, with pieces from renowned artists and those who are lesser known. It is only possible to visit the gallery at weekends and you must make an appointment beforehand.

Other places for art in Berlin include C/O Berlin, the Open Gallery, Johan Konig, and the me Collectors Room.

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