5 Must-Visit Historical Attractions in Cyprus!

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With so many affordable direct flights from the UK, beautiful Cyprus shouldn’t not be overlooked – as this epic mediterranean island enjoys 300 days of sunshine a year!

Many people visit for the world-class beaches and luxury resorts, but the historical attractions are just as impressive. Even if you’re not a sightseeing fanatic, these 5 must-visit sites are guaranteed to impress.

1. Tombs of the Kings

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Don’t be deceived by the name of this ancient burial site. It wasn’t the resting place of royalty, but rather aristocrats from the 3rd century BC. The tomb was given the grandiose title due to the impressive size and stone structures.

Visitors can admire eight excavated tombs, many of which include Doric columns carved from the rock. Situated close to the resort town of Paphos, this site is best enjoyed early before the midday heat.

2. Kato Paphos Archaeological Park

One of Cyprus’s three UNESCO World Heritage Sites, this historic wonder is also located in Paphos. While excavations are still ongoing, visitors can admire monuments and buildings from prehistoric times through to the Middle Ages.

The Roman-era villas are among the most impressive including The House of Dionysos and The House of Aion. Visitors can even admire the mosaic floors, which are remarkably still intact.

3. Kykkos Monastery

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The island’s most impressive monastery was established in the 11th century by Byzantine emperor Alexios I Komnenos. Much of the original complex was destroyed in a series of fires, but extensive restoration has seen the buildings transformed to their former glory.

After you have admired the intricate murals, a visit to the Monastery Museum is highly recommended. You can learn more about the site’s tumultuous past and marvel at relics as well as pre-Christian artefacts.

4. Kolossi Castle

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Standing tall at 21m, this towering cubical fortress is situated 14 km west of Limassol. Dating back to the 15th century, it’s thought that an earlier stronghold had been on the site since around 1210. Kolossi Castle is now one of the island’s few examples of a Gothic military structure from the Middle Ages. If you explore the castle on a guided tour, you can take a closer look at the castle’s living quarters, kitchen and storerooms.

5. Amathus

Otherwise known as Ancient Amathunta, this jaw-dropping archaeological site holds the remains of Cyprus’ oldest town. Historians have dated it back to 1050 BC, making it one of the island’s most valued sites. A treasure trove of monuments awaits visitors, with highlights including a Roman temple to Aphrodite, public baths and tombs which date back to the early Iron Age.

Affordable flights have made it easier than ever to enjoy Cyprus. Set aside some time to explore these treasures and you won’t be disappointed!
If you’re in search of a sun-soaked getaway, packed with natural and archaeological beauty… Look no further than Cyprus!

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