5 Fabulous Reasons to Visit Poland

Located in the eastern part of Europe and on the banks of the Baltic Sea, there are many reasons to visit Poland when enjoying a European adventure. Known for its stunning medieval architecture and Jewish heritage, Poland also offers tasty cuisine, beautiful countryside, and friendly people. It is no wonder that the country attracts large numbers of visitors every year!

Poland can trace it roots back to the start of the first millennium. During the early years, several different kings ruled the land and many spectacular castles were built. Although many ancient sites were sadly destroyed during wars, some rich legacies from times gone by remain today, offering glimpses into the country’s marvellous past.

Some top reasons to visit Poland include:

A Land of Fun Festivities

Poland certainly loves a merry and fun-filled festival and celebration! It is a land where festivals are celebrated with great fervour and excitement. Large festivals see the main cities, such as Warsaw and Krakow, ablaze with hundreds of twinkling and shining lights. Experiencing a Polish festival, complete with traditional singing and dancing, shopping galore, and an abundance of delicious food, is certainly something to remember. Some of the main festivals include Wianki, Juvenilia, and the Drowning of Marianna. New Year is also a joyous time!

Attractive World Heritage Sites

Poland boasts a number of World Heritage Sites, with fascinating places to visit scattered all around the interesting country. The charming Old Town of Krackow is a particular favourite, with its grand churches, large marketplace, elegant squares, and cobblestone streets. Close by you can also visit the incredible Wieliczka Salt Mines, with decorative salt statues and an enormous main cavern, and the sombre and moving former Nazi camps of Auschwitz-Birkenau. Other terrific World Heritage Sits include the striking Black Madonna of Jana Gora Monastery and quaint historic wooden churches.

Gorgeous Landscapes

Poland boasts some truly magically scenic landscapes and picturesque vistas. Soaring mountains, beautiful beaches, and rolling farmland all play a part in making Poland pretty. Relax on pristine shores in the summer, enjoy hiking in the woods and forests, climb mountains and enjoy the views, chill out alongside glistening lakes … and more!

Enigmatic Music

As well as traditional folkloric music you will find no shortage of places to enjoy some classical tunes. Listen out for the haunting sounds of Chopin, Poland’s most famous composer. Jazz is popular and you’ll find plenty of jazz bars in which to relax and take it easy, and international pop and dance music feature in the lively night clubs. Poles love music, and the summer months see many outdoor concerts, performances, and recitals in the parks and gardens.

Delicious Polish Cuisine and Drinks

Beer lovers will be pleased to see a good selection of home-brewed local beers and Polish vodka is unlike that found in nearby Russia and neighbouring countries. Polish food is typically hearty and filling, with bread and meat, especially sausage, common. Pierogi, bigos, and golapki are popular dishes to try. If you fancy a sweet treat you also won’t be disappointed in the yummy selection of cakes and pastries.

With so many reasons to visit Poland, what’s stopping you?!


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