4 Tasty Dishes from India to Tickle Your Taste Buds


India is truly a land of diversity, a place with many faces and an abundance of fascinating attractions and enchanting landscapes. And, the diversity and appeal doesn’t end when it comes to food. Discover a tasty array of flavours boiling, baking, steaming and simmering in the local kitchens all around the country. And that’s before you even factor in the sheer number of tempting and yummy street eats!

India is a place that has long considered food to be an essential component of daily life. Indeed, you could say that the country’s rich and esteemed culture and heritage is actually reflected in the local cuisine. Go to any of the nation’s states and you will discover delicious flavours that are now not just limited to the local kitchens of India … the taste of Indian food is so popular that it is now enjoyed the whole world over.

Dreaming of delicious Indian food? Here are four dishes from different parts of India to really get your stomach rumbling!

Laal Maas (Rajasthan)

Laal Maas

Laal Maas is one of the most celebrated dishes from Rajasthan. An old recipe that was previously a top choice of sustenance for hunters, the traditional dish has seen a few changes over the years. It still, however, boasts the rich and moreish taste that first made it popular so many years ago. The main ingredient is mutton. Prepared with lots of onions, red chilies, and garlic, the mutton takes on a really tasty spicy flavour. The ingredients are sourced especially from Jodhpur. Unlike many other local dishes, the gravy for laal maas is made using curd or buttermilk in place of tomatoes. The dark and almost sensual red comes from red chilies from the town of Mathania. The maas is delicately smoked using charcoal, and placed in a pot over slices of onion along with thick oily ghee to create that dense aromatic smoke for a taste-tingling enhanced flavour.

Madra (Himachal Pradesh)

http://www.cookingoodfood.com/2013/07/bhawanee-singhs-madhra-himachal-pradesh.html is the epitome of natural elegance and tasty food. The area attracts tourists in the droves each and every year. One of the must-try dishes of the state is madra. Originally from the district of Chamba, such is its appeal hat it is now popular all around India, and even the world. It is known as one of Himachal Pradesh’s delicacies.

The base of madra is chickpeas. They are first soaked before being cooked with aromatic spices, cumin, cloves, cinnamon, coriander, and a pinch of asafetida. Cooked in clarified butter and yogurt at a low temperature, this produces the very best taste and smell for which the dish is so well-loved. Madra is normally served with roti or flatbread. Dig in and see why this dish is raved about!

Sarson Da Saag and Makki Di Roti (Punjab)

Sarson Da Saag and Makki Di Roti

If you think of the Punjab region it is likely that lush green fields spring to mind. A notable dish from Punjab is its most celebrated food of sarson da saag, served with makki di roti. Its delectable and unmatched flavours have led to worldwide fame and appeal. Punjab is known for its rich and delicious food topped with butter. Like many other dishes, this one is also packed of punch. However, sarsan da saag is highly-nutritious too. Enjoy great taste and know that you are being healthy all at the same time! The mustard leaves used to prepare saag contain lots of iron and protein, which aid your gut and digestion. Dip your roti into your meal and savour the goodness!

Khar (Assam)


Khar comes from Assam, and it accompanies pretty much every local dish. What makes khar so special is one of its ingredients, kola khar. Prepared using raw papaya, pulses, and kola khar, the ingredients are filtered in water through dried banana ashes for an amazingly mouth-watering flavour. Simultaneously rich and refreshing, try it and you’ll quickly discover why it is a favourite in Assam!

Whilst you will undoubtedly find many dishes around India to make your stomach sing, don’t miss these four when exploring this vast and wondrous land.

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